Best Aquarium CO2 Diffusers – Reviews & Buying Guide

best aquarium co2 diffusers

Carbon dioxide is probably one of the most vital nutrients for the healthy growth of aquatic plants. Ideally, the aquarium gets supplied with carbon dioxide via a CO2 system and then the diffuser or atomizer plays an essential role in this process. Overwhelmed by the proliferation of advertisements makes you unable to figure out what … Read more

Best Filter For Betta – What Should You Buy?

best filter for betta

You have a betta and you want to find the best filter for betta? This article can be what you need. Nowadays, indoor fish farming is a hobby for many people. The aquariums are not only beautiful but also bring good feng-shui meanings, especially in Asian culture. In Asian culture, everyone thinks that if the … Read more

Top 5 Best Filter For 20 Gallon Tank You Should Not Miss

best filter for 20 gallon tank

A 20-gallon fish tank can comfortably house 15 small fishes, but it is necessary to clean the aquarium on a regular basis. The water soon gets polluted without the proper filtration system and treatment, and the living environment cannot be good. For weeks on end, a well-chosen 20-gallon fish tank filter will keep the water … Read more

Best Canister Filters For Turtle Tank – Detailed Reviews

best canister filter for turtle tank

Turtles are cute pets, but they, like all aquarium animals, need a safe living environment in order to survive. Turtles need more attention than fish, necessitating a bigger tank, cleaner water, and constant circulating of the water.  Fortunately, a decent filter built especially for turtle tanks is more than capable of meeting these demands. It … Read more

Best HOB Filters You Should Know – Reviews and Buying Guide

best HOB filters

The hang-on-back or HOB filter is nowadays taking an irreplaceable place among busy aquarists because of its conveniences. According to experienced aquarium hobbyists, the selection and installation of a HOB filter system are of utmost importance since they can affect the survival and development of aquarium fish. Whether your aquarium is clean or whether the … Read more