The best water heaters for betta fish – Bring the tropical world to your tank

Generally, the temperature in your house isn’t as ideal as the temperature in betta’s natural environments due to its natural features – which fluctuates up and down being dependent on how hot or cold it is compared to the temperature outside. By the same token, a tank heater can make up for those disparities by keeping your aquarium at a warm, steady temperature for the sake of the healthy development of your baby fishes.

However, choosing the right heater for your betta fish can be a bit tougher than usual in the time of market saturation, especially currently there are so many cheap heaters on the market that don’t work as perfectly as advertised before the delivery. Today, we’ll take a look at the features you need to consider in a betta fish heater and discuss further on this special product with a review of five of the best water heaters for betta fish.



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Top 5 Best Water Heaters For Betta Fish You Shoul Know

Top 1: PULACO Small Aquarium Betta Heater

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Plus points:

  • Betta heater: Technically speaking, this fish tank heater has to be submerged into water to the maximum level for the best productivity expected. Based on its specification, it is advised that you use the product for small glass or acrylic desktop aquariums with big size (normally from 1 to 6 gallons), and of course, it is also not compatible with the tank that has less than 1 gallon of water in terms of capacity.
  • Quick and easy installation: No limitation can be found as placement is optimized by both vertical and horizontal directions and it is all up to what kind of directions you are into. With the average temperature around 78’C, the product doesn’t require users to adjust the temperature. This would be a better choice for the ones who prefer easy-to-use appliances.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: As durable as the heater is, after a certain time of being exposed to water, it little by little reveals the defects that may have been hidden at first. However, you can completely rely on the customer service team, who can basically help to fix, or even replace the whole product as stated in the warranty policies.

Minus point: 

  • Sometimes surge can occur by chance and maybe a bit harmful to plants and betta fishes in the tank.

Top 2: Mylivell Aquarium Heater 

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Plus points:

  • High-quality: Made of high-quality glass and double seal material, the aquarium heater ensures safe operation during its lifespan. Furthermore, the modern design enables users to aesthetically enjoy the most relaxing moments with their personal taste.
  • Adjustable temperature: The modernization leads to the ubiquity of more and more advanced products that can be automatically adjusted, and Mylivell Aquarium is not an exception here. I individually prefer this feature most as it allows me to take notice of my little fishes with ease.
  • Highly adaptable environment: From time to time, customers choose to stock fishes in the aquarium containing saltwater in place of freshwater as usual. That’s fine with this heater since its function is to simultaneously serve your needs well, no matter what they are or how challenging they appear to be.
  • Convenient and safe: Serge, is the worst-case scenario that a fish keeper can think of when keeping an eye on their adorable fishes in the aquarium with a heater. Nonetheless, probably you can keep yourself from being drowned with negative thoughts, as there would be no hazard posed when it comes to the polarized plug designed specifically for the prevention of electrical shock.

Minus point: 

  • At times, due to the defects from the manufacturing process, the heater works less efficiently than it normally does as described.

Top 3: FREESEA Aquarium Heater Fish Tank

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Plus points: 

  • Temperature range: The range between 59’F – 94’F, which is displayed by Fahrenheit, indicates the prospect of the specification for 10-20 gallons tanks.
  • Automatic temperature function: When the water temperature reaches the programmed value, the heater will mechanically stop heating. On the other hand, when the water temperature is at a lower level compared to the set temperature, this product will automatically begin heating as such.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: No big enterprise promotes their brand awareness by just proposing the policies of warranty that cannot be put into practice in any way. Acknowledging the natural selection in the market, FRESSEA has been directly involved in a campaign allowing their customers to benefit hugely from a new replacement only if you are not satisfied with the product delivered.

Minus point: 

  • My betta fish happily swarm around it but the delivery speed causes its rate to be lowered comparatively.

Top 4: Marina Betta Fish Submersible Heater for Fish Tank

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Plus points:

  • Submersible fish tank heater: Completely submerged into the water impressively boosts the performance of the heater when it is made to work best in aquariums that have the capacity of up to 1.5 gallons.
  • Beneficial living environment: Ideal conditions for those little creatures to live in are the long-term goals of the providers, which means they unceasingly do wonders for the creation of the best living environment.
  • Durable material: Generally, customers tend to look for the best good-looking products, but in the name of fish’s protection, I have made up my mind to choose this model, as its primary material is polymer, which is more long-lasting than glass.
  • Automatic mode: That the device automatically reaches set temperature enables you to effortlessly sustain your fish aquarium.

Minus point: 

  • Its instructions are literally still intrinsic, it needs to be more specific so that all users can be dependent on.

Top 5: VIBIRIT Aquarium Heater For Betta Fish Tank 

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Plus points:

  • Fully automatic temperature: Submersible aquarium heater of this brand name perhaps offers you an unusual chance to have loads of features that can be regarded as a far cry from your experience in the past with other products. It automatically adjusts the temperature with a high percentage of accuracy and mechanically turns on or off to get the set temperature consistently.
  • Advanced materials: Sturdy engineering plastic reveals a sort of prospect of a product in the long run. It is also demonstrated to be super safe when it comes to using. Why don’t you give it a try?
  • Included temperature sticker: Any attachment of the temperature sticker associated with the surface of the water tank is embraced. In addition, the blue color which is considered to be easy to recognize indicates the current temperature as another plus point for the device to be outstanding among a host of its rivals.
  • Quality assurance: Based on some studies on customer psychology, purchasers are more likely to lean towards the products that attract their attention regarding quality assurance and long-term warranty as much. Among one of the best customer service offered by companies, VIbrit is proud to lead the group with very reasonable policies on replacement and maintenance process if there comes any complaint related to the product.  

Minus point: 

  • No striking disadvantage seems to be obviously seen.

Factors you should know before purchasing heaters

What are the pros and cons of water heaters for aquariums?


  • Lower cost: Unless you choose an ultra-modern model, you’ll likely spend less on the initial costs of a water heater than you would for any of the other alternatives.
  • Efficient regardless of climates: No matter where you live, you can be aware of the fact that a conventional water heater will definitely function to perfection. Solar, tankless, and heat pump water heaters all require particular conditions for performance to be optimized.
  • Lower installation costs: Apart from attractive initial costs, conventional water heaters are also affordable to have installed. This, obviously, depends on where in your home you plan an installation, and where you show your need for plumbing, gas, and electrical configurations as well. Typically, installation costs have the intention of being lower than the alternative installation types.


  • Increased energy waste: Because water heaters house a constant well of warm water to properly function, they have to constantly make use of energy to maintain the temperature inside. In contrast, tankless models only heat water as it is necessary.
  • Space hog: There’s no point in getting around the size of a conventional water heater. In the sense that they are designed to accommodate a reservoir of warm water, they tend to run on the larger spectrum of size than the smaller.
  • Vulnerability to water damage: One of the most noticeable fatal flaws to water heaters is their great potential for water damage sometimes, which has been mechanically proven. In the event that you forgo routine maintenance checks, you could end up coping with rust and corrosion that could comprise the functionality and health of your water heater as well. This could inherently lead to extensive, and criminally expensive, water damage to your house.

FAQs about best water heaters for betta fish:

Fully and partially heaters, which one is better?

The word submersible refers to a heater that can be fully submerged in water without any part of it being exposed above the waterline However, some manufacturers also use the term “partially submersible,” which means that a portion of the heater still remains above the waterline, not completely submerged. Basically, partially submersible heaters cost a bit less but are not as versatile as fully submersible heaters are. It is suggested to use fully submersible heaters as much as possible, no matter what the tank size, as they do a better job at producing evenly heated water than the other.

How are betta fishes different from other types of fishes?

What makes us think it’s okay to keep a betta fish right in a bowl, anyway? We’d never consider putting any kinds of other tropical fish in a tiny bowl without a heater.

Betta fish have physiologies that enable them to survive in low-oxygen natural environments. They are literally anabantids or labyrinth fish, and they can get to the surface to take a gulp of air when needed.

By the way, this is just one more reason that keeping a betta in a plant vase is a really bad idea. Your betta fish needs access to the water surface than any other kinds of fish do.

In the wilds of Southeast Asia, bettas are able to live for short periods in small puddles where other fish would die sooner. This happens on account of the evolutionary adaptations that allow the species to persevere in periods of drought or poor water conditions.

In other words, they have evolved to take in air, not just bank on the oxygen in the water, so they can survive even in harsh conditions.

Does a betta fish really need a water heater?

It is a very good idea to include a heater in your betta’s tank, to maintain the constant water temperature at an ideal level. When people keep betta fish in bowls or small tanks they usually don’t consider a heater. This means the water temperature will be controlled by the surrounding air temperature leading to fluctuation throughout the day.

This can be bad news either. Even though people don’t often think of them this way, bettas are tropical fish. That means they need to live in warmer water in the wild. They require temperatures from the mid-70s, up to around 80 degrees, which an aquarium itself cannot make sure to provide.

For the aforementioned reasons, you probably need to consider a heater for your tank. That’s one-hundred-percent up to you.

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