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I don’t know how you feel whenever feeding your little Koi, but for me, those are the greatest moments of me being a Koi keeper. As cheerful as owning Koi fish is, feeding them is the most tricky part of all. To some people, even when being infatuated with fish in general, they cannot feed them properly due to the inadequate knowledge related to their specific taste. You have the love for them but lack the technical skills to make sure they are all healthy and concomitantly sustain regular consumption of food as provided. That’s why it’s so essential to discover what a fish lover should feed your Koi to set the seal on both the physical and mental condition of those baby fish in the long run. I’ll also review five of the best Koi foods that you can offer your fish to the best of your budget below. Let’s take a look.







Top 1 of the best food for Foi fish in your aquarium: Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance

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Plus points:

=> Soft sticks: Tetra Pond sticks soften quickly when you put them into the water so both small and large fish can easily eat and digest them. This might cause your budget to blow away in the sense that your little creatures may… eat like a horse in the light of the extraordinary well-seasoned soft sticks given.

=> Highly nutritious diet: As small as some kinds of fishes are, they also need to consume a moderate amount of food every day to ensure energy provision and activeness as well. The more highly nutritious the diet is, the healthier those kids are, for sure. Consequently, this kind of food appears in the market in the name of your fishes’ well-being.

=> Floating sticks

Have you ever thought that your baby fishes are also into something as easy as pie to catch up? Yes, those are super indolent, even when they are starving. Hence, feeding them with floating sticks means that you narrow the distance between their mouth and the food to some extent, isn’t it far easier for those “Nobita” to enjoy the very carefree moments in the fishbowl?


Minus point: product once arrived at my house in two plain blue plastic bags without any indication of what it was or who it was manufactured by. I think this somehow causes a bit of worry to those people who are brand-conscious.


Top 2: Blue Ridge Fish Food, Probiotic Plus 3/16″ Floating Pellet, Koi and Goldfish

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Plus points:

=> 100% made in the USA: For some of you who are obsessively in favor of local brands or those who can’t purchase products hailing from unreliable sources due to the concern related to quality as well, you are both into this product, for sure, as it is produced in the United States of America, not anywhere else.

=> Immunity for your creatures:

In the event that you are a health-conscious person constantly looking for the best and being in an attempt to find what goes into the ingredients simultaneously, you are probably going to love this kind of food. As described, it increases immunity to bacterial infection and diseases related. Additionally, the product is made with the replacement of critical minerals and trace elements that are filtered out of water sources inside the city center.

=> Specially formulated:

Formulated is the term often used for advertisements aiming at children’s food. It now appears in my review, however, meaning that your little fishes would definitely be taken care of without any difference compared to the real kids when you choose this product. Its key ingredients are optimized to boost Koi energy and immunity against the most common types of infection as such.

=> One-hundred-percent satisfaction:

I believe that no one among the most clever customers doesn’t approve of the guarantee policies of this brand, as it dares to stand behind the quality and make sure the best products are delivered to you with no disappointment at all.


Minus point: If you are making an effort to lower the protein content intake, you perhaps shouldn’t pay money for this. Normally, you get what you pay for, but this catchphrase is not true as sure as hell regarding protein content when it comes to this product.


Top 3: “Blue Ridge Fish Food, Platinum Professional Formula 3/16″ Floating Pellet, Koi and Goldfish”

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Plus points:

=> Prestigious brand: Provided by the big name in the USA market, there is probably no imperfection with regards to the supplier’s prestige that has been the primarily extrinsic motivation for this enterprise to move forward and serve customers better. If you are a clever breeder, this is a good option for your fishes.

=> Highly nutritious ingredients: With the inclusion of top-quality protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids, which are scientifically demonstrated to play a key role in the development of Koi fishes, your concern associated would fade away sooner or later, I bet.

=> Safe and balanced: Purchasers usually show their hesitation to color-enhancing substances that generally go into some specific ingredients, and I know what are the primary culprits for this tendency. This kind of food, nonetheless, includes Spirulina and Canthaxanthin for color enhancement with no harm, at any rate, it even makes a balance for your Koi’s nutritional diet.

=> Satisfaction at best: My children once said that the only thing they loved about this product was its satisfaction guarantee. I was extremely surprised and asked for an explanation right after. Do you know what they told their dad? They said, because of the superior policies of the company, I no longer had to be drained of energy whenever claiming for a low-quality product, and that’s simply the cause for them to be keen on this fish food. So cute, weren’t they?


Minus point: No complaints about the product during the time of use, for sure.


Top 4: Kaytee Koi Fish Food

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Plus points:

=> Highly digestible: The formula used to make this kind of specialty is highly digestible, meaning your little Koi wouldn’t feel any difficulty taking in any way.

=> Essential nutrients: Like a kid, Koi also needs to be taken care of properly in terms of food consumed. Your needs are receptively recognized by the supplier, so necessary animal and vegetable proteins are decently included, ensuring sustainable growth and longevity for Koi!

=> Customer service: Regarding your fish as your own children literally means you also care deeply about how you can claim for a replacement if necessary, right?! Confident to stand by potential customers as far as possible, this brand fills you with the coolest feelings immediately after issues arise, believe me, been there – done that.


Minus point: sometimes it gets on your nerves when your fish probably hates this food, but personally, I guess it all depends on specific taste.


Top 5: Blue Ridge Fish Food, Platinum Professional Formula 3/16″ Floating Pellet, Koi and Goldfish

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Plus points:

=> Highly reliable: In the case that customers lean towards something that originated from the USA, this can serve them best as the first choice ever introduced. Not all products stemming from the States are high-quality warranty but at least you have a more well-grounded manufacturer to count on.

=> Multi-safe: It is believed that everything has pros and cons at the same time. Perhaps, you think the environment is carelessly exchanged for the desirable flourishing of your Koi with some highly-selected ingredients. Absolutely no, because the water will not be contaminated at all due to the very safe substances involved.

=> Proven color enhancer: The combination of spirulina and canthaxanthin technically leads to superior color enhancement, which offers your creatures a completely balanced diet as such with no harm detected also.


Minus point: replacement service is still not up to par and you may get irritated even though the product just costs a fraction of the price.


How to choose the best Koi fish food?

There are certainly some factors needed to take into account for the successful nourishment of those little creatures:

  • Food types:

Manufacturers have designed fish foods for a wide range of purposes. Precise blends have been carefully formulated being dependent on whether it is spring, fall, or summer as well. To enhance color, some have been vitamin-enriched as such. In the case that you wish to have an eco-friendly pond, the suppliers have come up with organic meal ideas also.

Both protein and plant matter are properly contained in your fish food for the best growth of them. Banking on the time of year, nonetheless, digestion happens easier with certain types of food than other ones. How to feed your fish is a decision that you alone will make, so here is simply some information to help you along.

  • Color-enhancing foods:

To effectively develop the color in your fish, resort to color-enhancing foods. Throughout the summer months, this nutrient-filled protein diet will definitely change the appearance of the oranges to be brighter, the blacks deeper, and the reds more vibrant respectively.



Do koi get bored of their fish food over time?

Just like us, koi will little by little get bored of their food one day if it’s not up to their standards maybe. One of the most essential aspects of koi keeping is making sure you’re feeding your fish the best diet to keep them healthy and spark their interest in their food. Low-quality fish foods basically contain scores of ingredients that a koi generally don’t need.

This causes issues with excessive waste build-up, weakened fish, and koi will eventually grow bored of the food in general. Just like human beings, koi have a variety of taste buds and love to eat certain things that come naturally in their diet; ingredients that can be visible in good quality feed. These include high protein from aquatic sources, low ash content, and a good vitamin & mineral profile as well. Being sure that the food you’re giving your koi is both tasty and nutritious will enhance their eating habits and health also.


What are the common reasons why Koi stops eating?

That may be due to poor quality feed & nutrition or poor water conditions. Sometimes this happens for stress & unhappiness or sickness or parasites. However, for the most part, a sudden drop in water temperature may be the cause that you are inspecting.

To sum up, there are lots of reasons that can be applied for the state of not coming up when being fed, specifically with Koi. You need to silently observe on your own and then resort to some necessary treats respectively.


Will a sick or injured koi stop eating food provided?

When a koi is sick, either from bacteria, parasites, or injury, they’ll actually stay away from the group and seek a quiet place for being on its lonesome. During this ‘downtime’, they’ll be in an attempt to recover and are unlikely to be interested in food or any kinds of treats as usual. Depending on how serious the illness or injury exposes, this may last a few days, but it also can last for weeks. If you suspect a fish is sick or injured, you should consider treating the fish for both parasites and infection if possible and giving them a hands-on inspection as well.

Losing interest in their food is one of the first signs of a koi being sick, so if this happens to your fish it could be a sign they’re not in good condition. Most of the time they’ll recover on their own, but it’s transparently better to give them a hand for the best recovery.

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