Let’s See Best Guppies Food

Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish in many places, and they are often chosen by hobbyists to release in indoor or outdoor aquariums. These fish are so popular these days that you can easily buy them at any aquarium store for a very low price. Not only possessing an eye-catching appearance, but it is also easy to care for.

Although keeping guppies does not require much knowledge from an owner, you should at least have a good understanding of the food source for your guppies. What is the food for guppies? How many meals a day do they eat? Let’s discover the top 5 best guppies’ food in this article.



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Top 5 Best Best Guppies Food New 2021

Top 1: Omega One Freshwater Flakes:

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=> High-quality ingredients

The Omega One product is the best meal for guppies. The brand uses straightforwardly some superfoods such as salmon and herring. They have many nutrients and can provide much Omega 3 and 6 for your guppies. Your guppies will have enough nutrients to grow up and strengthen their healthy immune system. Another outstanding point is that this food does not contain hydrolysates, digests, or any other pre-processed protein.

=> Color enhancing

When choosing the guppies, some hobbyists often attach much more importance to the color since it is an enjoyment to see them swimming and be glowing. However, how can they maintain the same color, or even brighter, after a long time? You do not need to worry about this situation anymore. The Omega One food includes a significant degree of normally happening shades called beta-carotenes. With almost a 100% exchange rate to the skin of elaborate fish, these beta-carotenes will enhance your guppies’ color.

=> Clean-water formula

There are many proteins in the Omega One product that helps your guppies absorb the most from the meal and reduce the waste. This point will make your aquarium cleaner and clearer, creating a wonderful environment for the guppies to live in.

Minus point: it contains some earthly grains/vegetables, however, this is just a small amount.

Top 2: Northfin Food Community Formula 0.5Mm Pellet 100 Gram Package

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=> High-quality ingredients

The Northfin product is from Canada and 100% of the ingredients included are from Canada and the USA. These 2 countries are on top of high-quality technology, therefore, you can make sure about the reliability of the food.  The brand chooses only proteins and marine additives to produce the product and it avoids all the harmful ingredients such as fillers, artificial pigments, byproducts, or added hormones.

=> Multifunctional feature

This guppies’ food brings an excellent meal that increases the healthy immune system and prolongs their lifetime. Moreover, it is suitable for other fishes in the aquarium. You can use 1 product for many types of fish without wasting much time choosing the right type of each one.

=> Less waste

This brand guarantees that your guppies will have the best nutrition after the meal each day. They can absorb the most nutritious ingredients from the product and waste less. It also reduces the time and effort you often take when cleaning the water.

Minus point: this guppies’ food sinks into the bottom fast.

Top 3: Cobalt Aquatics25142Ultra Guppy Nano Bits Floating

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=> High-quality ingredients

There are many ingredients included in the Cobalt guppies’ food, from whole Sword Prawns, seaweed, garlic to fish fillets. All of them are produced into pellets with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. It is safe for your guppies and does not cause any harmful things or diseases.

=> Color enhancing

Besides the support to the guppies’ healthy immune system and growth, this product can enhance their color. Your guppies will look brighter and more dynamic after using this food since it has the function to boost the color. Your time spending with the guppies will be more interesting.

=> Clean-water formula

The guppies will not waste much after eating. Although there are many nutritious ingredients in the food, they are easy for the guppies to absorb and grow. The environment is still clean and clear which is perfect for the guppies to enjoy swimming.

Minus point: this guppies’ food does not float above the water.

Top 4: Omega One Color Mini Pellets, Sinking:

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=> High-quality ingredients

Dissimilar to other fish food sources available, you will see that there is no fishmeal in our nourishments. All things being equal, this brand utilizes Alaskan fish like salmon, herring, and shrimp for our protein sources. All the ingredients are directly from Alaska. Therefore, you can make sure about the quality of the product. This food may be suitable for little guppies too since it is divided into small pellets.

=> Color enhancing

This guppies’ food produces a huge shading upgrade on account of raised degrees of beta carotenes in salmon skin. They are likewise wealthy in Omega 3 and 6 HUFA’s to help solid insusceptible frameworks in freshwater and saltwater fish.

=> Clean-water formula

One outstanding point of Omega One Mini Pallets product is that it does not dissolve when dropping into the water. Consequently, it creates a clean and clear environment for the guppies. This product also contains less starch that helps the guppies to waste less.

Minus point: the pellets in these guppies’ food do not sink slowly.

Top 5: Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food:

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=> High-quality ingredients

Raw protein and vitamins are the main ingredients in this guppies’ food. It is rich when containing 7 vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and eight amino acids required. Therefore, your guppies will have the best nutrition in every meal. This product is from the USA.

=> Multifunctional feature

Not only feeding the guppies, but this food is also available for many fish in fresh and saltwater such as African Cichlids, Swordtails, Platies or angelfish. It gives a high protein diet. Many types of research and studies have shown that new and saltwater fish display predominant development, development, lively conduct, and more exquisite shading when taken care of this food.

=> Color and breeding enhancing

Beta carotene included in this product is one of the most important features that enhance the guppies’ color. Their color is brighter, more splendid, and more attractive for hobbyists. It wins the points from the guests who come to your house. Many reviews also recommend that it is good for breeding. In more detail, this food improves egg creation and incubating rates, invigorates the regenerative cycles, builds endurance paces of more youthful fish, and stirs the craving for fish.

Minus point: this guppies’ food brings much waste than other same products.

What food that the guppies usually eat?

In the wild, guppies’ main food is algae. They also like water parasites, small parasites. On the other hand, when raised in artificial environments, guppies’ food can be divided into two types: fresh feed, and dry food.

Fresh feed: There is a wide variety of fresh guppies that you can choose from, depending mainly on the needs and personal conditions of each person. Among them, the earth-worm is considered the most popular food for guppies that you can easily buy them at aquarium stores nationwide at a relatively low price. However, you need to clean them very well before feeding the guppies as these germs are very easy to carry pathogens that can infect fish.

Dry food: this kind of guppies’ food is convenient and adequately nutritious. They have a very fragrant aroma that stimulates the fish and does not cause clouding water in particular. Some products, which include powdered algae, have a stimulating effect on fish color and provide fiber and vitamins to help fish grow better.

How can I choose the right guppies’ food?

There are many types of guppies’ food in the market, currently. However, fish flakes are the best. They can enhance the color and improve the immune health system for your guppies well. Make sure that you pick an item that is high in protein, and not filler nourishments. To guarantee this, check the ingredients printed in the product. Top-notch nourishments will have proteins recorded first (for instance, other fish, shrimp, and substantial items). Also, keep away from fish pieces that have fillers, for example, wheat and soy recorded as the initial not many fixings.


How many times a day that I should feed the guppies?

The best way is to create a habit of eating at the same times of the day. Fish feeding in the morning before going to work and dinner after work is reasonable for those who do not have much time. It is advisable to have ready-made fish instant foods so that you can feed the guppies without having to spend time preparing.

Every day you should feed the guppies at least 2 times a day. If there is time, it should be divided into small meals a day, so it will not make the fish hungry, the fish will grow better than just feeding 1 meal a day. Avoid not feeding for 2 to 3 days, so the fish will be hungry or even flattened, which leads to many days for the fish to recover its health.

How much food will be enough for the guppies?

Do not overfeed the guppies at a time. For each feeding, you should give a sufficient amount of food so that the fish can eat it all in 3-5 minutes. This will keep your tank clean and free of uneaten food that can cause turbidity and damage to the tank environment. From 2 months onwards, feeding the guppies with less protein and fattier foods while increasing fiber-rich foods will make them live longer, healthier, and have better colors.

Females also eat a lot more than males because they have to eat to get pregnant and keep the babies in the belly. During pregnancy, the female will eat a lot and increase in size to accommodate more fry.

What is better: feeding the guppies one type of food or a variety of food?

The guppies are a bit, picky eaters. Therefore, the combination of many food types will increase the appetite. Feeding a variety of foods will help the fish not get bored by always eating the same food. It also brings different nutritious ingredients that can help the guppies improve health immune system and growth. You can choose veggie pallets, spirulina tablets, freeze-dried brine shrimp, blood worms, and tubifex worms to add to the guppies’ menu each day.

Can the guppies eat tropical fish food or goldfish food?

Tropical fish food or goldfish food is just a part of the menu of the guppies’. I don’t say that it does not bring any nutritious ingredients, however, this food may not provide enough for the guppies. If you feed this type of food to your guppies, please make sure that it is not the main meal and try to crumble the pieces first to help your guppies eat more easily.

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