Best Fish Tank For Office

No matter your office is an open bank office with many customers or a closed office with meeting rooms and stressed arguments, a water fish tank will help you and your college to reduce the stress, add the colorful and beautiful nature to your boring office and yet increase working productivity.

Spending a little bit more of maintenance fee or do it yourself on not-very-busy days, you will own an office refreshing tool as a gift nature. Your customers and partners will also get their smiles on your faces if happening to see those gifts at the welcome board or along the hallway. In the current market, there are many designs which not only fit those situations but also support the long-live and wellness of the fishes. Let us sort out some of them among the tops.




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Top 5 Best Fish Tank For Office Update 2021

Top 1 best fish tank for office


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The package includes 1 USB Desktop Aquarium Fish Tank (a compact plastic tank with metal parts for circulation system, LED light, pen holder, and an LCD with switches), 1 USB Cable, 1 pack of Pebbles and 1 User Manual.

Outstanding features:

I must say this is a unique fish bow with very creative design and shall the best fit for your personal working desk (both at home and in the office).

There is a pen holder on the right side of the 0.4-gallon tank. Below the pen holder and in front of your face is an LCD where you could see calendar, temperature, setting up clock and snooze and even playing music.

There is LED light over the tank and submersible multi-color LED which make the little tank always bright and colorful. The inside decoration has included

The re-circulation system makes a small waterfall which sounds softly and could get you into sleep easily at night.

Minus points or precautions:

This tank is holding around 1.5L of water so it could hold a small betta only.

Consult your local fish store that sells you the betta for a volume of water change everyday or every two days.


Top 2.  Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting

best fish tank for office Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting

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What’s in the box? There is a tank with the base, LED light hood, filter and cartridge, Betta food and Betta Bow Plus sample, and a setup guide. You should buy water heater, LED light bulb, fishes and decors.

Outstanding features:

This neatly square compact is especially suitable for putting on your desk. There are black, blue and white color in many sizes from 1 to 5 gallon for your choices.

With food and water care samples as well as a setup guide, you could quickly and easily set it up. After a few days, just check water parameters and introduce your fishes and enjoy. Its beautiful and sleek look makes it fit any corner of your room.

Another strength is the good and rather quiet filtration system along with time. With a good plan of fish caring, your livestock will stay healthy for a long time with the efficient filtration.

Price is very affordable. The kit is perfect for beginners and busy people at their offices.

Minus points:

There is no downside factor detected till now.


Top 3.  Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

best fish tank for office Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

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This kit includes 3 separate compartments, frosted panels, a fill indicator window for your checking of water level, QuietFlow Filtration, cartridge, food, and water care samples. You should buy an Aqueon mini heater, Aqueon 2000 deluxe replacement cartridges and Aqueon Multi-Color Flexible LED Bubble for completing this kit.

Outstanding features:

This design creates more space for 3 betta fishes with 3 separated, leveled and unable-to-see-through compartments. Betta is a rather aggressive fish and if they live together they will fight each other. Thus, with only 2 gallons of water for 3 compartments, you could raise at least 3 betta fishes without setting them on fights.

The continuous waterfall creates the continuous circulation and filtration system.

This Betta Falls tank uses a quiet filtration system which create a soft sound which brings you relaxing feelings while working.

Minus points or precautions:

The small compact is suitable for betta only. Or, you could raise small common goldfish for a few weeks.


Top 4. Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

best fish tank for office Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

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What is included in the package? An aquarium 5-gallon glass tank, hidden filtration and LED system, a tank base and canopy at the back for easy feeding and water changing. What you have to buy is a water heater, replacement filter cartridges, fish and decors.

Outstanding features:

This is a very sleek and modern design; the tank is made from glass which bring you a very clear view of the inside. The tall and narrow shape allows it to hold a higher aquatic plant and decors. Moreover, the filtration is hidden enhances the aquarium view is another plus point of this neat design.

The LED system brings you sunlight in the daytime and the moonlight in nighttime. Just make it well-established and you will enjoy how mellow sight this aquarium tank could show to your eyes.

The tank base is very sturdy and in black color which adds more beauty to the whole compact.

Minus points:

The tall and narrow design makes it suitable for betta and small fishes only.


Top 5. Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium A Sensory Multi Colored LED Swimming Fish Tank with Bubbles

best fish tank for office Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium A Sensory Multi Colored LED Swimming Fish Tank with Bubbles

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Outstanding features:

This kit is especially suitable for very busy offices or family people who want to bring nature to you’re their space without having to take care of the live stocks.

It is featured with multi-colored artificial fishes that look very alike to real fishes. What’s more, the colorful LED light system and the background of ocean life bring you deep into the ocean world.

Of course, the most advantage is that there is no need for set up or maintenance, just fill in tap water and add 2 – 4 drops of dishwashing detergent until you see the ocean life works.

It has been proven to be good for people with special care like autism

Minus points:

This is an artificial fish tank so you cannot enjoy the happiness of achievements when successfully setting up and raising the live creatures.


Why do I need a fish tank at my workplace?

Studies have shown that owning and caring for a pet or looking at the plants at the workplace could improve your overall mental health. Thus, it is incredible if we own an aquarium at the workplace because we will have both fishes and green or colorful plants.

Furthermore, according to a recent survey of APA (American Psychological Association), stress in the workplace is taking away as much as $190 billion from businesses in American each year and all the companies are doing everything to create a more balanced working environment, reducing stress and increase productivity. Thus, investing in an aquarium becomes one of the cheapest ways to reduce stress at the workplace and improve the mental health of all the community.

A beautiful fish tank at workplace also creates a healthy working environment with happy people and warm colleague relationship. Hence, an amazing workplace of one company also impresses new candidates and helps that company recruits the best staff.


What is a good fish tank for the office?

A good fish tank in the office should have both green plants and fish (blue, yellow, or orange or mixed colored fishes). Generally, blue, green, and yellow are associated with productivity and creativity.

Secondly, a good fish tank for office should also be easy to set up and generate less maintenance cost (including cleaning). In some special cases, if you do not have any time and budget for maintenance, an artificial fish tank may be a happy choice.

Thirdly, a good fish tank at the office also should be small enough to put at the personal desk or sometimes come up at medium size to fit the meeting hall.



What needs to be considered when owning a fish tank at the office?

There are numerous options outside: you could choose to set up the tank yourself or you could rent a tank. Normally renting will give more choice: a freshwater fish tank or a bigger saltwater reef tank. Of course, a saltwater reef tank is much more complicated and will cost you a lot more. However, a saltwater reef tank will give you a spectacular and splendid sight of the ocean.

The most convenient and easiest way is to buy a personal, simple, and small fish tank and put it on your desk in case your company does not have a budget for a bigger aquarium.


What happens to my fish tank at the office if I cannot feed my fish every Sunday?

Some types of goldfishes or betta fishes could go through a few days without being fed. Thus, if you keep a good schedule of feeding and water change on weekdays, you deserve to have happy and unworried weekends.

If you have long vacations, you have no choice but outsource a maintenance service or send your fish tank to the local fish stores.



Owning a fish tank at the office is a great way to help you to relieve from the stress of the work. Thus, be specific on your actual situation and invest your money or your company’s money on the right choice.

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