Best Fish Tank For Guppies

Guppy is a breed that rooted in north-east South America but has been introduced to every continent in the world except for Antarctica due to its adaptive and thriving characteristics. In the wild, the guppy is more popular in small pools and streams rather than large, deep, and fast-flowing rivers. This makes it becomes one of the most popular tropical fish for captivity life in aquariums.

However, like most of the other tropical fishes, guppy still needs some special requirements regarding the flowing of the tank, the thermometer to control the temperature and the feeding menu. There is no need to throw your money through the window by investing in a big tank with a powerful filter and water flow. Let go through best fish tank for guppies as below.




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Top 4 Best Fish Tank For Guppies New 2021

Top 1 best fish tank for guppies Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit, Aquarium with LED Lighting

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What is in the box? There you will find a 2.6-gallon glass tank, filter, and LED light. It should be bought with Fluval Spec Carbon Filter Media and Fluval SPEC Biomax for maintenance and replacement jobs and a thermostat for getting the optimal temperature of the water in the tank.

Outstanding features:

Elegant & sleek look: despite the black filter media in the back, strong LED light which has high-temperature color of 7000K to create a very bright blue-white color glow and highlight the clear, ultra-modern view of the glass tank.

Advanced filtration system: it is a 3-stage filtration including mechanical, chemical, and biological levels. Let see how it operates: a porous foam block will hold up the large debris and particles, meanwhile, the activated carbon absorbs unwanted odors, discolorations, and impurities. Then it is the work of BioMax insert to create the colonization of beneficial bacteria and enhance the nitrification of fish waste, which will breakdown the organic waste and turn toxic nitrite into less-toxic nitrate and could be easily be absorbed by the plants inside the tank. Now you only have to do 20% of water change every week.

Quiet filtration system: you could definitely experience a good tank with a premium filtration system with hardly any sound. Thus, it is suitable to put on your working desk or even near your bedside.

Minus points but not deal-breakers:

There is more work to be done than the usual tank without biological filtration system: the filter media should be replaced frequently, especially when the tank is heavily stocked. A water test kit will help you review important parameters such as ammonia and nitrite to know when to change media filter. Treat your filter insert with a dose of Nutrafin Cycle every time when changing media.


Top 2: MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

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In the package, you will find a 3-gallon tank with a stand, hidden filtration (including a cartridge, pump , and sponge), and a premium LED lighting rail. If you are going to raise tropical fish, you will have to buy a water heater to complete the kit.

Outstanding features:

Sleek and modern: the tank is made from glass which brings a much clearer view plus the light rail which has 3 lighting set-ups (daytime, nighttime and off) and very bright. While daytime lighting provides a shimmering shade, nighttime lighting brings a glow of blue moonlight which makes the glass tank very mysterious.

The light rail is up above the glass tank on a stand, it creates a sleek look and modern design.

Easy-to-feed: the cover of the tank is a sliding glass canopy so you could easily slide it and feed your fish.

Easy-to-clean: yes, because it is a glass square tank so you only need a cloth or plastic pad to remove algae without worrying about the scratches.

Advanced filtration: the filtration system is equipped with an adjustable flow filter pump so you do not have to worry about the strong flow which may frighten the betta or guppy fish. The filter is also very quiet, which makes the tank suitable to be placed anywhere in the workplace or at home.

Minus points but not deal-breakers:

If the fish is too small, the filter may harm it so adjust the flow to the minimum and/or cover the filter pump with a hammock or sponge to reduce filter pressure.


Top 3: Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Kit with LED Light & Internal Filter Desktop Size, 1.5 gallon

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In the package, you will find a 1.5-gallon plastic tank, LED light, and internal filter. Of course, you should buy a water heater or thermostat to control water tank temperature if you want to raise a betta or a guppy.

Outstanding features:

Easy-to-setup: a very simple and basic tank with the filter media with replacement cartridges in the back, and LED light on top. Thus, it will take you only some minutes for setting it up.

Easy-feeding: the removable top cover makes it easiest for feeding or you could use the hole on top cover, which could also be used for the heater cord.

Internal filter: the inner filter is an all-in 3-stage filtration system: mechanical, chemical and biological system. Use API size 10 for replacement cartridges.

Minus points but not deal-breakers:

This is a very small tank so it may hold only one male guppy. Thus, add the green plants and gravel to not let him boring.


Top 4: FREESEA 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump

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This kit includes: a 1.4-gallon plastic aquatic tank, LED light, two plastic aquatic plants and filtration system (with sponge and pump). You should buy a water heater for raising warming up the water to room temperature in the winter only.

Outstanding features:

I recommend it as one of the best fish tanks for guppy but also the best for aquarium beginners because you could even raise a betta without using the filter system provided. And the set-up work is very simple with only some steps as you could see from the video.

Male guppies whose sizes normally range from 0.6 to 1.4 inch could be quite suitable for this mini tank.

Another strong point is its noise level. The filter is very quiet though it could create a rather strong flow. With all those characters, this tank will be a perfect birthday gift and the receiver could happily put it on their working desk or even near the bedside.

Minus points but not deal-breakers:

If you find the filtration system is way too strong, you could leave a sponge near the filter to absorb more pressure and the water is still filtered.


Top 5: Koller Products PanaView 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit – Power Filter – LED Lighting

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There is a 5-gallon plastic tank, internal power filter and energy-efficient lighting and user guide included in the package.

Outstanding features:

Clearer view: the tank is made from impact-resistant plastic with a crystal-like view, thus you will be surprised at the first for mistake it with glass. This one-piece construction tank also makes you free of any leakage worry.

Colorful lighting: this tank is equipped with 7-color lighting sections with dazzling effect. It will create funny illumination which makes it suitable for family with kids.

Powerful internal filter: the filter uses Koller Products Small replacement filter cartridges (AQ10FC-60) and could filter and circulate the water flow at a powerful rate of 45 gallons per hour. This will help effectively remove all the organic waste and other toxic gases.

Easy setup and maintenance: you just need to put the decors and plants inside, pour the tap water and run the system, check water parameters, temperature and then you could introduce fish. Replace the filter cartridges and check water parameter regularly is all you have to do. Thus, it definitely suits aquarium beginners or busy people.

Minus points but not deal-breakers:

Plastic tank needs the carefulness while cleaning to avoid any scratches, especially when you need to use plastic scrubbers to remove algae.


What is a good fish tank for guppies?

Guppies, as said, is tropical fish that quickly adapts to the new environment and could live in small tanks or pools. Their average sizes of males are usually from 1.5 – 3.5 cm (or 0.6 – 1.4 in) long and females are from 3 – 6 cm (or 1.2 – 2.4 in) long.  Thus, guppies should thrive in at least a 5-gallon tank but if you do not have any choice but a smaller tank then raise one or 2 small guppies until they grow bigger and sell them to the local store to buy smaller ones.

Guppies like to live in a bunch with a lot of plants around. Thus, add the greens to your tank and introduce at least two guppies.

What’s more, guppies do not like strong water flow. Their ancestors usually live in quiet pools. Thus, use the sponge filter for creating soft vibration or a little flow only.



What is the best water condition for guppies?

Guppies will thrive in hard water. Thus, check your water and if pH is 7.0 or greater, it will be best water condition. If your water is too soft, add supplements of minerals such as a dose of Wonder Shell to increase water hardness.

Moreover, it is recommended to keep the warmer water temperature at 76 to 780F or at least room temperature (740F) for them to have a normal reproduction and lifespan (from 2 – 3 years). If you increase the water temperature to 820F, they may only live for 18 months though their reproduction period will be shortened. If you raise only one or two guppies and do not have a plan for their reproduction, keep lowering water temperature to 720F then their lifespan may increase to 3.5 years.


What is the best fish food for guppies?

Guppies are omnivores and they will thrive on invertebrates, algal, plant fragments, etc. They could also be fed by pellet or flakes. However, supplement them with fresh food such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, lettuce, etc. will help them get a more diverse and healthy diet.

Keep in mind that in the wild, it is not easy for them to catch the food, thus, owners usually overfeed them. Just feed them once or twice a day with a small proportion only. Set them in the mood of begging for food will make them thrive.

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