Make Your Fish Thrive In Captivy With Best Fish Foods

Fish is an easy-to-get-with animal, giving us the most comfortable feeling when watching it swimming in the aquarium, very peaceful and loving. Because of that, there are quite a few people who are interested in keeping aquarium fish but have little knowledge about the types of fish food as well as how to care for fish which leads to many problems.

Therefore, understanding fish food is one of the most important basic steps since each type of fish has different suitable fish food. In this article, we introduce the top 5 best fish foods that can improve your fish’s growth effectively.




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Top 5 Best Fish Foods Update 2021


Top 1: TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes, Cleaner and Clearer Water Formula:

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Quality ingredients

The TetraMin brand uses some nutrient ingredients such as shrimp meal, wheat gluten, fish oil, … to increase maximum the fish’s growth. In addition, this fish food also adds algae, vitamins, and minerals that stabilize the digestive system and protect the intestinal tract of fish from diseases such as abdominal distension, bloating, thereby increasing the taste.

Color enhancing

Enjoying the fish color is also one of the biggest pleasures of the owners. You will not regret buying this fish food since it can promote the coloring process. Your fish may look brighter and more vivid when using this product.

Attractive appearance

Your fish would totally love this food! It is attractive from the smell to the appearance. Its pieces smell like dry squid and fish that are available in different sizes and colors. From that point, you can increase the appetite of your fish effectively.

Minus point: this fish food can cloud the water a bit after being used for a long time.


Top 2: TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food for Tropical Fish:

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Quality ingredients

From this name, you can see that this Tetramin type works best with tropical fish. Many researchers have studied through many steps to find out the most high-quality ingredients. This food includes different types of vitamins and nutrients which help improve the immune system and omega-3 fatty acids which can promote the growth of your fish. You do not need to worry anymore about how to help the fish gain the most because this food is a delicious and balanced meal in a day.

Less waste

Many people often waste much money in buying fish food since the food can’t provide enough nutrients and calcium for the fish, leading to the fact that they have to feed many times a day. However, with Tetramin fish food, you just need to feed 2-3 times with a sufficient amount of food. Your fish will eat all and not leave any redundant food anymore.

Clear-water formula

The most outstanding point of the Tetramin product is that it does not cloud the water. Its recipes include miniature processed, fascinating, high-protein fish feast as a center fixing—making them unadulterated and absorbable with fewer colorants. This prompts to make cleaner water for owners to enjoy their fish swimming.

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.


Top 3: TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes, Cleaner and Clearer Water Formula:

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Quality ingredients

Another product of the Tetramin brand is on this list that can make sure about the reliability and high-quality ingredients. This food is suitable for all tropical fishes providing a flake blend. After using it, your fish will highly grow and stronger. Moreover, its color can be amazing thanks to the color enhancing factor from the fish food.

Clear-water formula

If you use this product precisely as the included guideline, no problems are happening such as clouding the water. TetraMin always tries to understand the issues that users often have, therefore, it updates the products that have a clear-water formula to be better. Fish can live in a clean aquarium, even though they eat a large number of fish food each day.

Added feature

One more outstanding point of this TetraMin fish food is that it is added more shrimp flavor. We all know that flavor and smell are the things that can be attractive to the fish. They increase the appetite. The more the fishes eat, the stronger the immune health system they have.

Minus point: no significant drawback found till now.


Top 4: Tetra Goldfish Flakes 2.2 Ounces, Balanced Diet, Clear Water Formula:

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Quality ingredients

I bet you can guess the main function of this fish food from its name. Yes, it is used for the goldfish. There are many nutritious ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are in different shapes and colors. They help the fish to gain the most for the health and increase the lifetime.

Clear-water formula

Tetra also notices the water problem that users often have. Therefore, when producing its products, it uses less colorant and more high-protein ingredients. This leads to less waste from the fish and a cleaner aquarium for users to watch their fish glowing and swimming.

Easy to digest

TeTra fish food is considered a highly digestible product. Although it has nutritious ingredients, it also provides more vitamins and minerals that help the fish to digest more easily and quickly.

Minus point: this product is in large-sized flakes. Therefore, it may not be suitable for small goldfishes.


Top 5: Wardley Fish Food and Accessories:

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Quality ingredients

We recommend one more product mainly for tropical fish. There are many types of research to study the behavior and the health system of this type of fish. You can make sure about the high-quality ingredients that your fish eat. This fish meal brings a good protein source that is better for nutrition.

Clear-water formula

You can’t find any artificial dyes in the Wardley fish food. It is harmful to both the fish and the water. The dyes can make the fish weaker and color-reducing while clouding the water. You do not need to worry about this issue anymore since this product has a clear-water formula.

Easy to digest

The Wardley fish food includes vitamin C, therefore, it is a highly digestible product for your tropical fish. This food helps the fish absorb more easily, grow better, and also causes less waste. A large amount of food stored in the intestine swells causing pressure and damage to fish bubbles problem will not happen to your fish anymore.

Minus point: this product may crumble easily during package transportation.


Why do I need to buy good fish food?

To take good care of the fish, we almost need to pay attention to issues such as habitat, choosing foods for aquarium fish, … in which food is one of the very important factors. Food is a part that helps promote the growth of fish, so caution should be exercised in this regard. People need to learn about each type of fish food, in order to be able to provide enough vitamins for fish during the growth process. However, they can also combine many types, using alternately these foods will supplement each other in terms of nutrients that may save much cost.


How can I choose the right fish food?

Whether or not the aquarium fish in your aquarium is healthy, bright, active, and vibrant depends partly on what food source the breeder has provided, whether it is suitable for their taste or in the food there are many essential micronutrients? If that’s enough, you don’t need to worry about its growth rate anymore. On the contrary, the fish will grow very slowly, be less active, or even losing color. Even more dangerous is possibly dying or being sick because the food does not contain enough nutrients and is not suitable for the diet.

You need to choose the food according to the behavior as well as the development stage of the fish. The feed comes in many forms, such as flakes for small fish and commercial fish pellets with different pellet sizes. Usually, the diameter of the pellet is 20-30% of the mouth of the fish. A pellet that is too small will lead to more energy-consuming for food until the fish meets its needs, and a pellet that is too large will be difficult to eat. Moreover, when buying fishes, you should listen to the caring advice from the sellers.



What are the different types of fish food?

There are 3 different main types of fish food: manufactured food, freeze-dried feeds, and live foods. We focus much more on the specialty of manufactured food including floating and sinking pellet, granular, and flake food. For example, granular foods are suitable for a wide variety of fish species. This type of feed is made with a variety of different products for the use of saltwater fish or freshwater community fish. On the other hand, pellets are compressed in round shapes and are much larger than granular foods. This is a synthetic food with the main ingredients of rice bran, corn bran, fishmeal, … along with other micronutrients such as calcium, iron, and vitamins. This feed is only suitable for medium and large-sized fish.


How to balance the amount of fish food each day?

Feed the fish for a few minutes, divide it into several times and observe the fish’s response to the food you give. Accordingly, you should sprinkle a little fish food into the aquarium and then stand back a little further to be able to observe the fish-eating. When you see the fish eat up, then continue to feed two to three times. Remember to sprinkle food and feed at one corner, not scattered to avoid making the lake water dirty. If you see the phenomenon of indifference to food, then stop, because the fish has already eaten enough.

Just add a small amount at a time. This helps to avoid excess food from affecting and causing water contamination in the aquarium. The habitat of the fish is very important. If the habitat is dirty, it will directly affect the development causing the aquarium fish to become sick, and for a long time, the aquarium fish will die.


How to keep the food in good condition?

The food should be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. In the case of high humidity, food is susceptible to mold. Therefore, during transportation and preservation, the packaging will not be broken or torn.

Food storage time is not more than 2 months. Ideally, only buy, distribute and use food for 1 month. Complying with the principle of “first in, first out” means that which food purchased first must be used first, bags of food that have been damaged or overdue must be discarded.


How can I know when the fish is hungry?

On the off chance that your fish are swimming in regions they don’t typically visit, they might be searching for food. If your fish are diving around in the substrate, unmistakably looking for something, odds are that they are ravenous. Fish that go to rummage, however, don’t generally search or go review the highest point of the aquarium, something they wouldn’t typically do, are the two signs of appetite.

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