Best Filter For Betta – What Should You Buy?

You have a betta and you want to find the best filter for betta? This article can be what you need.

Nowadays, indoor fish farming is a hobby for many people. The aquariums are not only beautiful but also bring good feng-shui meanings, especially in Asian culture. In Asian culture, everyone thinks that if the aquarium is placed in the right positions, it will bring wealth to family members. Besides, the aquarium is also a decoration, creating a special highlight for the houses, helping the interior become more harmonious.

The home space added to the aquarium also becomes much more lively, relaxed, and luxurious. It is also not an easy job to take care of small creatures in those aquariums, however. As a result, we need the help of certain equipment to maintain the aquarium environment. Therefore, a filter is possibly one of the things that would be used to clean and extract odors in the water for those who have a Betta. From here, most buyers would ask a popular question about how to choose to buy the best filter for betta. Let’s take a look at the most trusted filter products for the betta.



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Top 5 Best Filter For Betta [UPDATED 2021]

Top 1: Fluval External Filter is the top one of choice

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The Fluval 406 Canister Filter offers many practical advantages, all designed to make fishkeeping more enjoyable, including improved filtration, less maintenance frequency, quicker setup, and quieter operation. This filter offers improved functionality and filtration efficiency, building on the success of Fluval 05 Series filters, to create the cleanest, healthiest aquariums ever. Thanks to a remarkable range of additional features, the filter helps make aquarium maintenance as easy and worry-free as possible, including patented Aqua-Stop Valves for easy hose disconnection, single-motion lift-lock clamps for simple cleaning and maintenance, and several removable filtration baskets that are already packed with the requisite mechanical, chemical and biological filtration media. Let’s take a look at some of the plus points as follows. 

Plus point 

  • Maximum versatility and efficiency premium: Fluval Canister Filters are suitable for superior filtration for all aquarium sizes. Suitable for freshwater or saltwater aquarium applications. By using broad media capacity and strong flow rate, Fluval canister filters deliver superior filtering capacity.
  • Advanced Technologies for Engines: This product is fitted with a powerful engine to ensure a strong flow of expected maintenance.
  • Quiet- operation: The precision-engineered bearing reduces the vibration of the impeller and the cover reduces noise.
  • Multi-stage filtration process: For optimum flexibility and minimal maintenance, each filtration stage is separate, using the whole canister volume to maximize filtration efficiency. At the mechanical stage, the large-capacity vertical twin foam pre-filters absorb more debris and prevent clogged media. At the chemical and biological stage, independent modules allow easy and mess-free media removal.
  • Convenient maintenance: The AquaStop valves interrupt water flow without disconnecting hoses, preventing leaks and mess. The lift lock clamps safely and quickly lock motor housing in place and class fibers ensure strength and longevity. Also, without the need for manual siphoning, we can start up instantly. 

Minus point:

  • No significant downside was found. 

Top 2: XY-2831 Air Pump Sponge Filter for Aquarium – top two of choice  

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B0056XVF82″ ]

Both mechanical and biological filtration is provided by sponge filters. Simply put an airline in the unit and provide your fish with both aeration and filtration. The sponge is colonized by aerobic bacteria, supplying a bacterial material to support the nitrogen cycle. Furthermore, the sponge manually cleans the water without trapping baby fish by trapping larger waste particles. They are useful as a filter for breeding or as a secondary filter. Or they can be used by fitting an external or a top filter as a pre-filtration device. 

Plus point:

  • Sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration. It provides the ideal location for bacterial colonization. This product will not trap fish fry. It is a suitable filter when breeding and spawning Discus, Dwarf cichlids, guppies, and killifish. It has dimension 5″L x 1.8″W x 5.5″ H. Also, it allows a maximum tank size of up to 10 Gallon.

Minus point:

  • No point was mentioned.

Top 3: AquaClear, Fish Tank Filter  

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B000260FVG” ]

One of the most flexible hang-on filter systems available is the AquaClear Power Filter. For the most common sizes of aquariums, the five models available provide a complete range of flow rates. The unique nature of the filter enables up to six times more media volume and the industry’s longest water-to-media contact time. A specific multi-stage filtration system features the AquaClear 20 Power Filter that offers full mechanical, chemical as well as biological filter media for superior water quality. There is a filtration volume of the Power Filter that is up to 7 times greater than equivalent filters. With AquaClear filter media, the filter also allows superior contact time. It retains beneficial bacteria that create a stress-free atmosphere for the inhabitants of fish aquariums (freshwater fish and live aquarium plants) and preserves clean aquarium water.

The unique nature of the waterfall allows filtered water to silently return to the tank, gently breaking the tension of the surface and providing beneficial oxygenation. The proprietary flow control feature of the Power Filter enables you to change the water flow according to the needs of your aquarium. The media basket prevents the filter media from being circumvented by water, improving filtration performance. Quick, simple, and convenient installation and maintenance. AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon Filter and AquaClear BioMax are fitted with the filter.

AquaClear provides a comprehensive line of media specially developed for the AquaClear 20 Power Filter, including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover. AquaClear develops a wide range of freshwater tank items that can be used as fish tank accessories, decorations for fish tanks, and filter media for aquariums that are suitable for large and small fish tanks. For 5- to 20-gallon (18 to 76 L) aquariums, the AquaClear 20 Power Filter is suitable. Output Maximum: 100 U.S. Gal./h (L/h 378). Let’s take a look at some of the plus point as follows. 

Plus point:

  • Patented Re-filtration System: A gentler water flow is often needed for delicate fish and plants. Without compromising filtration efficiency, the proprietary AquaClear re-filtration system allows you to regulate the flow rate. Up to 50 percent of the water inside the filter chamber is recycled several times when the flow rate is decreased.
  • CycleGuard Multi-Stage Filtration System: Optimum mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration is given. A healthy aquarium needs bacteria that are “beneficial”. In the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrite, invisible and harmless, beneficial bacteria are important.
  • Guarantee: Under usual aquarium use and operation, the AquaClear Power Filters are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship no matter how long you own the filter. On all non-replaceable parts, the manufacture provides a lifetime guarantee, meaning that the filter can be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer for free of charge with proof of purchase.
  • Typical Filter Media Placement: AquaClear Foam Insert helps with debris removal at the bottom and offers optimal patterns of water distribution, enabling subsequent filter media to operate at maximum performance. Also, because of the porous structure of the foam, biological filtration provides surfaces for beneficial bacteria. In the center, 100 percent premium research grade carbon is used in AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Inserts. For the adsorption of unwanted impurities, premium research grade carbon offers significant quantities of surface area. BioMax Ceramic Rings are used on top of the AquaClear BioMax Filter Inserts. BioMax’s surface is made of a complicated pore structure that allows bacteria to thrive.

Minus point:

  • No point was mentioned.

Top 4: Lee’s 40/55 Premium Undergravel Filter, 12-Inch by 48-Inch

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B0002APVAC” ]

Plus point: 

Lee’s Premium Undergravel Filters are made of special-quality plastic with a multi-level plate design that prevents splitting or cracking. The larger plate sizes decrease the required number of plates. The added power of the UGF plates makes saltwater aquarists like this filter the most. It is 12-inch by 48-inch in dimension.

Minus point:

  • No significant downside was found. 

Top 5: Jardin Aquarium Efficient Economy Corner in Tank Filters

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B00511P8CS” ]

Plus point: 

The Conner Filter adds even more oxygen to the water. This powerful filter decreases air-purpose noise and absorbs the lowest wattage. It is an important tool for the efficient maintenance of aquatic fish in the respiration process. It’s transparent and black in color. It is made of plastic and ceramics. 237g is the net weight. 105 x 160mm/ 4 ” x 6.3 ” is its dimension. 2-10cm may be expanded to increase the outlet pipe capacity. 

Minus point:

  • No point was mentioned. 

Important Features

As you should know, betta fish is a breed familiar to living in quiet ponds and swamps. Thus, the most essential feature of a filter for a betta tank should be the soft water flow that it could create. If the filter is too powerful, the violent water flow may harm your betta. A resolution available for those filters is adding an adjustable valve or an airstone ring which could both diffuse funny bubbles and slow down the water.

Secondly, as a common feature of all good filters, it should create soft sound or no sound at all. The quiet operation or the so-called soft waterfall makes the tank suitable for many sensitive places like the bedside or working desk. 

Last but not least, the filter for a betta tank should be easy to use and easy to maintain. Most people choose the betta because they are very adaptive and easily thriving fishes. As a result, a betta is popular among aquarium starters or busy white collars. Thus, a convenient filter will also help those guys save time and make fewer mistakes which may lead to fish death.  

FAQs about Best Filter For Betta

For Fluval External Filter, what’s the benefit of a canister filter overhang on the side one?

There are three benefits of a canister filter overhang on side one, according to a reader. The first benefit is that behind it, the aquarium will be closer to the wall. The second benefit is that it has more filtering materials, which means less maintenance. And the third benefit is that it is simpler to operate the filter.

How tall is the Fluval External Filter?

The canister itself is about 14″ tall. With the levers and rigid outputs on the top, it measures around 18″ with the levers and rigid outputs on the top (or maybe a little less). The hoses are connected from outside the top (but they are flexible). 

For XY-2831 Air Pump Sponge Filter for Aquarium, how can users reduce big bubbles for operation?

The water turbulence would be significantly decreased if you face the exhaust nozzle towards the rear of the filter just against the wall behind the filter just below the water’s surface. 

For XY-2831 Air Pump Sponge Filter for Aquarium, how do you clean it? 

When you make improvements to your aquarium, you clean it. Only swish it around in the old tank water bucket and place it right back on the filter. 

For AquaClear – Fish Tank Filter, when the power goes out, this filter doesn’t automatically refill itself so it will run dry. How do you fix this?

You need to make sure that two things are as follows, according to the reader:

  • The water level in the tank: If the level of the tank is above or below the level of the bottom of the U tube within the filter, the power loss causes the filter to dry out, making it difficult to restart itself. Slightly above this level, raising the water level in the tank helps a lot, as the siphon can stop when the water level in the filter exceeds the tank level. This leaves the filter with water in it, and from there it will normally prime itself on its own. 
  • The U-tube is correctly placed. If the end is not down in the little oval track above the impeller, without manual interference, it can really damage your suction and make priming hard or impossible.

How do Jardin Aquarium Filters work? 

There are an air compressor and tubing you need to use. The black material, which is a filtering material, is charcoal. The white one is a filter material of the cotton kind. 

In conclusion, if we wish to purchase the best filter for the betta, all of the above details should be taken into account. Our aim is to provide customers with objective evaluations, which is the best brand among the list, all of which is up to personal priority. Now let us see yours.

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