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Providing your carnivorous fish with the right food at the proper percentage is very essential. This task can be much more of a challenge than anything else, in the sense that marine fish mostly are still wild-caught, and their natural diet can be a whole lot difficult to maintain in captivity. How to feed them with dry processed food but still sustain the original taste of natural flavors is a tough question even with people taking care of those for such a long time. With the list including 5 of the best carnivorous fish food brands shared from my own experience, hopefully, your fish will learn to eagerly and healthily flourish in one of the safest spots – your aquarium.




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Top 5 Best Carnivorous Fish Food New 2021

Top 1 of the best carnivore fish food to consider is: Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets, 2.61-Ounce 2 pack by HIKARI

Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets

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Plus points

=> Palatable: Sometimes, your fish are not really into some kinds of food but there is probably no way around it but try to take in, some even break away from their school as the most obvious sign of showing their discomfort. How to avoid this? Your solution is right here and now, as Hikari food ensures outstanding palatability that attracts attention and stimulates the appetite of your fish at the same time.

=> Immunity-enhancing: Immunity to diseases is strengthened to the maximum level with the addition of vitamin C. Furthermore, stress-relieving is also another benefit of what this food can basically offer.

=> Fresh: Some customers are sort of hesitant when purchasing processed food, however, personally I feel nothing different as a well-balanced combination of ingredients fortified with essential minerals is still ensured in the name of freshness and flavor-guarantee.

=> Modern addition: With the advancement of biological technology, we are now able to use the highest grade of carotenoids on offer, which seems to be something that happens when pigs fly in the bygone years.


Minus point: delivery service still leaves a little to be desired.


Top 2: Hikari Tropical Semi-Floating Micro Pellets

Hikari Tropical Semi-Floating Micro Pellets

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Plus points:

=> Transcendent benefits over live foods:

The specialization is for carnivorous fish only, meaning they are given the high-quality product focusing on themselves above all, with no potential for parasites or bacteria commonly happening with live foods as usual.

=> Extremely palatable: After loads of extensive studies and analysis of the combination of sight, smell, and taste from a great number of carnivorous fish, the manufacturer invests in the food market intending to stimulate the appetite of your little aquatic carnivore. Having said that this is a testimony to the quality of the product as stated.

=> Easy to soften in the water: A porous pellet softening pretty quickly by rapid water absorption satisfying the hunger of your fish in no time at all. From now on, you no longer have to worry about waiting for too long before making sure all of your food is already gone.

=> Natural beautification: The change of living environment from natural to man-made means their vibrant coloration hailing from high-percentage of UV rays will certainly be lowered sooner or later. Based on biological technology and the grade of carotenoids, this formulated product can fundamentally develop true coloration in desirably aquatic environments with no harm detected.

=> Quality warranty: Directly developed, produced, and eventually packaged in the Hiraki’s facilities, meaning you get the standard corresponding to what you expect.


Minus point: some ingredients benefiting fish but adversely affecting the water.


Top 3: Aquatic Foods Inc. S&B Blackworm & Beef Heart Mix Bit/Sticks, for Discus, Cichlids, Carnivores and More

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Plus points:

=> Highly adaptable: If you are looking for a product fitting any of your personal preferences, there is a likelihood that your eyes may be caught by this one. It is super ideal for all tropical fish, even freshwater and saltwater are embraced.

=> Safe package: People normally hold the belief that only grant purchases would be carefully packaged. No offense, but if you share the same thought, you mistakenly acknowledge the nature of the best service. Even with cheap products like this, the brand also makes an effort to fulfill your satisfaction at best, by the provision of bubble packs or hard boxes for safe shipping.

=> Good customer service: It sounds like a cliche but “The customers are always right” is the long-lasting slogan of this fish food company. You actually cannot be sure about how good or bad one thing is, till discovering it on your own. Then, give it a try!


Minus point: In comparison with other products at the same price tiers, this brand’s offer seems to be a bit more expensive regarding the amount you get.


Top 4: Aqueon Pro Foods Carnivore Formula 4.5 oz

Aqueon Pro Foods Carnivore Formula

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Plus points:

=> High protein source: The Aqueon is a perfect blend of high protein sources for optimal digestion and nutrition simultaneously. In the sense that there is a growing number of low-protein products appearing, customers have a tendency to gravitate toward the brands offering exactly what they ask for, and here you are.

=> Immunity-enhancing: Ingredients inspired by the natural eating habits of fishes include a proprietary combination of macro and microalgae with nutritious vitamin C and E, this highly-selected range holistically boosts a stable and healthy immune system.

=> Satisfaction guarantee: For some inevitable defects during delivery or time of use, fish keepers are encouraged to keep in contact with the team being in charge of customer service to have their intricate issues troubleshoot as soon as possible.


Minus point: It is definitely not a food that fish basically get excited about regardless of nutritious ingredients.


Top 5: Northfin Mass Carnivore Formula – 10 Mm Sinking Pellets – 1 Kg

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Plus points:

=> Nutritious daily diet: Compared to those products featuring the same, Northfin brings you a freshness of the extremely nutritional elements mixed together specifically for larger predatory fish species.

=> No fillers, hormones, or artificial pigments: For the purpose of food safety, which has been the first priority of Northfin since it was founded, fillers or poisonous hormones and artificial additives are nowhere to be found. So, you can completely be free from food poisoning or even non-positive aftereffects.

=> Packed with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals: The careful combination of loads of other elements such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals ensures the holistic development of your carnivore aquatic species.

=> Natural coloration:

My little kid once asked me about the color disappearance of those fish after bringing them home. As a matter of fact, when saying goodbye to the natural environment, the pigmentation of fish seems to be a bit different from how they look before. My previous products didn’t provide a high-proportion of natural color-enhancing components, but since I started using Northfin food, things as sure as hell have changed positively.


Minus point: Probably no food product gives me a sense of pleasure instead of the testimony to quality like Northfin does.


Why is it necessary to choose the best dry food brand for your carnivorous fish?


There are some transcendent advantages with dry foods such as they are always obtainable, they can be effortlessly stored; which saves on regular trips when purchasing them. The hazard of disease or parasites penetrating the aquarium with the food is completely eliminated when it comes to dry foods like those above.

Most of the major manufacturers of dry fish foods have formulated their flakes based on natural ingredients, including vegetable matter; therefore there will be sufficient quantities of all the important trace elements that should be involved at all cost.

Although you should note that the vitamin content does have a limited shelf life, it is usually guaranteed to the best of itself before the expiry date. On the other hand, minerals and trace elements have a long shelf life and do not pose any risk with prolonged storage.

Most manufacturers display a long list of ingredients and a typical analysis on their packaging as well; then you should look for this label when buying food for your fish either. It’s the foods labeled as “complete balanced diets” that you basically need to look for.



How many types of food are possibly suitable for carnivorous fish?

Meat-eating fish can take in a variety of fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, and live foods, etc…


  • Fresh foods compatible with your fish include many seafood items ranging from shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, to some type of fish. If you’re preparing seafood for your fish, cut it into bite-sized pieces or you can even let it remain unchanged to serve it whole to larger fish. Fresh seafood can be obviously frozen and then thawed as desired.


  • Frozen foods are actually obtainable from most fish shops and other sources of food. These offerings may sometimes inevitably include brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia as well. They may be formed as a slab that can be broken into smaller pieces or small, or some ready-to-go cubes. To provide frozen foods to your carnivorous fish, thaw a small portion in aquarium water, and then drop it in the tank, wait until it all dissolves into the water.


  • Several types of foods for carnivorous species are readily on hand, such as plankton, krill, brine shrimp, or bloodworms as such. Freeze-dried foods are foods completely dehydrated, but they still maintain most of their nutritional value. They have a comparatively long shelf life, particularly in comparison with fresh and frozen foods. Freeze-dried foods should be used as nothing but supplements for carnivorous fish only.


  • Live foods are always the most favorite of fish or any other kinds of animals. Adult brine shrimp, bloodworms, and Mysis shrimp are among the best choices you should take into consideration. Earthworms are a great live food choice as well for the reason that they come in without any specialization in one particular size, and you can collect them right from your own garden with ease.


How much should a fish keeper feed their fish?

 A good rule of thumb to follow is that fish should be fed less than they can take in during a five-minute interval. Any food left behind after feeding time should be completely removed before it has a chance to begin the process of decomposition itself. If you feel that your fish are eating the food in a far shorter time than 5 minutes and seem to be a little anxious, you may need to increase the amount for daily feeding. On the other hand, if your fish are healthy, but they only consume about half of what you normally feed them, you will probably need to start feeding less than usual for sure. Always bear in mind that much more harm can be done to your fish by overfeeding than by underfeeding, this is not a law of physics but it can reflect exactly what you should follow for the sake of your fish’s well-being.


How often should you feed your fish?

Naturally in the wild, reef fishes will constantly look for food throughout the day. Because of the aforementioned reason, you should attempt to mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible, it is highly recommended that you feed your fish several small meals every day at different intervals. At the very least, feed medium-sized meals twice a day, one in the morning and one at night alternatively.

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