Check out the best betta toy decoration in the current market!

Toys and decorations are some important things you should notice when taking care of the betta. This type of fish is intelligent, active, and loves interacting with kinds of stuff, therefore, this way will improve its mental health, leading to a balanced lifestyle.

Moreover, the betta toys and decorations can have a huge impact on hobbyists and visitors. A beautiful indoor aquarium will help your home become more refined, more beautiful, add a little more of the green color of nature. Let’s find out the top 5 best betta toy and decoration suggested in this article now!



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Top 5 best betta toy decoration

Top 1: R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit

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Easy installation and use

Everything is ready right after you buy this R2 Fish School Training Kit. This product is divided into many parts but they are easy to assemble. If you do not understand how to build it together, the brand provides a 45-minute video of a famous fish trainer named Dr. Dean Pomerleau and an instruction with 100 colorful pictures step by step. Even you are an inexperienced one, you can do it on your own within minutes.

New training

There are many activities that you can let your bettas do with this product. Your bettas will become amazing and excellent players in fetching, shooting hoops, or dancing the limbo. After each game, you can reward your fish for its hard-working and effort with some food. This way can build your bettas’ trust in you more. 


Sporting activities can improve both the physical and mental health of your bettas. If they are active much in a day, their appetite will increase and they want a more nutritious and balanced diet for meals. Moreover, toys and decorations reduce stress for the bettas. Instead of swimming all day, they can enjoy their lifestyle and have more fun. 

Minus point: the sticks of this product are a bit big, therefore, some bettas do not like them.

Top 2: Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock

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Easy installation

If you do not like to spend much time and effort assembling something, this betta toy is the best choice for you! It is small and simple, that is convenient to place anywhere in your fish aquarium. All you need to do is fasten this leaf to the wall of your tank via a suction cup.

Relaxing time

After a long time of swimming and playing, a betta hammock is a wonderful option for the bettas to take a rest. They can sleep on the leaf when getting tired of playing with it like some hiding tricks. This betta toy can become a second home, making the bettas feel comfortable and stress-free. 

Quality control

There are no artificial or coloring matters in the product. Therefore, you can make sure to let your bettas play with it. It does not cause any harmful issues to your bettas such as reducing skin tone or affecting health. 

Minus point: the suction cup of this product may loosen after a long time.

Top 3: SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves for Betta

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Easy installation and use

Leaves are one of the convenient betta toys and decorations since all you need to do is throw them into the water. After buying the product, you will receive an instruction that you should rinse them with water, boiling or soaking them first. This way guarantees more safety for your bettas when using them like a toy or a place. 

Induce breeding

10 leaves in a pack will be included. Therefore, they create a place for the bettas to live and spawn. The product enhances their breeding activity by making the bettas’ skin and scales stay hard and still, smooth and elusive simultaneously. Moreover, when you put leaves in the aquarium, your bettas will feel like in nature, where they are comfortable and relaxing most. 

Overall development

Besides the benefits to your bettas’ health and breeding, this betta toy can improve the environment. It reduces the cloud in water and changes it into the tea color. You do not worry about quality control because this product only contains beneficial ingredients. However, remember to notice when these leaves disintegrate to remove.

Minus point: the size of these leaves is huge.

Top 4: Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B0027ITKBS” ]

Entertainment and relaxation

This betta decoration of the Zoo Med brand is the perfect mixture between amusement and leisure. It can become a place for the bettas to hide and play with natural driftwood since they love spending time at the surface of the water. Moreover, this product has a hole on the top so you can feed them through it. It is a convenient and efficient way since your bettas can also relax after eating in the same place. 

Quality control

You can make sure about the high-quality ingredients and materials produced in this betta decoration. It is natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial matters. Therefore, it can maintain your aquarium’s mineral balance and pH without any concern.

Minus point: you may need to buy an anchor to complete assembling this product to your aquarium. 

Top 5: CousDUoBe Betta Fish Leaf Pad

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B07HQ61P7Q” ]

Good design

The most outstanding point of this product is the design. There are 2 sizes for you to choose from for your betta aquarium: the small and big sizes that are suitable for all tanks. Moreover, the brand creates a strong sucker design, therefore, you can place this decoration anywhere you want in the aquarium without taking much time and effort. 

High-quality material

This product is famous for the long-lasting, safe, and lightweight features. Does it sound amazing? It is all you need in a betta decoration. Moreover, these leaves can sway with the waves, creating beautiful movement under the water. Remember to wash them with cool water before placing them in the tank.

Relaxing time

Your bettas will have a perfect place to play and rest after eating and swimming. Understanding the bettas’ preference of hiding, the brand also produces suitable sizes for them to cover in the environment. 

Minus point: after a long time, these leaves may get discolored. 

Why should I buy betta toy decoration?

Betta toys and decorations bring many benefits to your fish, such as:

  • Stimulated and entertained: if we do not have anything to do in a day, we will easily get bored. The bettas have the same situation. If you let this issue happen too long, it can affect the way your bettas eat and swim. Therefore, it is necessary to buy some toys and decorations that can help them to entertain and be active. 
  • Getting used to a new environment sooner: the bettas prefer to live in a small place, having holes and spots. In case your aquarium is bigger than bettas’ expectation, they can be scared and nervous. Some betta toys and decorations like logs, shipwrecks can help them know more and feel comfortable about the living place. 
  • Training: some hobbyists like to train their bettas to become excellent players, doing some tricks under the water. For example, some toys like ping pong balls and hoops can make your bettas know how to jump and play with. Also, the game is a connection between you and your bettas, enhancing your relationship and building trust. 

How can I choose the most suitable betta toys and decorations for my aquarium?

Currently, on the market, there are many types of betta toys and decorations for you to pick from. Let’s follow some tips and factors below that you should look for when purchasing a product:

  • Avoid sharp edges: one of the important factors you should consider is the sharp edges since your bettas will interact with the decoration many times per day. Therefore, you should notice it in some toys like a ship or the top of leaves. If you are not careful in choosing, your bettas will unexpectedly be injured and get hurt.
  • Material: betta toys and decorations made of natural materials are the best since they do not contain any coloring matters or harmful chemicals to your bettas and the aquarium water. And remember, metal is the bad choice because, after a long time, it is going to rust.
  • Size: you should know exactly about the size of your fish tank before buying any betta decoration. If you buy some bigger toys and decorations compared to the small aquarium, they will take many places of your bettas. Your fish will be uncomfortable and this problem affects their health and diet. 

Best betta toy decoration FAQs

How can I clean betta toy decoration without bleach?

Many people prefer using bleach to clean betta toys and decorations because it is the fastest way. However, it is not good for both your bettas and the aquarium water. I suggest a more effective way – the boiled water.  This way will take you about 15-20 minutes. All you need to do is heat up a considerable measure of water and ensure that it can hold every one of the embellishments at the same time. After that, rinse them with cold water and a brush one more time to clean all the algae and dust. However, do not apply this way to plastic toys and decorations because they will melt and you can’t use them again.

What are the things that I should not put in my betta aquarium?

You ought to likewise keep away from things with yellow, red, or radiant blue coatings except if the mark states they are explicitly for use in a fish tank. These things may contain solvent lead, and non-colorfast colors and inks as they can break down and blend in with the water.

Elastic and plastic things are also the materials that you do not want to place in your betta aquarium because they may contain perilous solvents. Be careful about harmful enhancements, particularly water dissolvable minerals. The stone probably won’t be hazardous yet once disintegrated in water could create a harmful substance and influence the fish’s capacity to relax.

How Much Cover is required in a betta tank?

50% to 70% cover is appropriate to a betta aquarium. The stunt here isn’t stuffing the tank with styles, yet orchestrating them so that the fish feel like they’re in their characteristic territory. The more agreeable the fish is, the more you’ll have the option to see them as they would typically act without feeling lost or worried. When placing betta toys and decorations, consistently recall that the periphery regions and edges offer the best cover, so don’t place a huge stone in the tank.

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