We know that fish are thermogenic and the wrong temperature can affect their metabolism. Therefore, it is important to use an aquarium thermometer to check the temperature before and avoid a sudden drop in the temperature. 

Choosing the right aquarium thermometer helps you to better determine the temperature and adjust them accordingly to help your fish grow at its best. There are many different aquarium thermometers you can choose from today. Let’s find out the top 5 best aquarium thermometer with us through the article below!



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Top 5 Best Aquarium Thermometer For Your Need

Top 1: VIVOSUN 2-Pack LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer Fish Tank

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B07TDJ6H7Z” ]

High accuracy

This aquarium thermometer is precise to +/ – 1℃. You can believe in the quality of this product. Regardless of whether the aquarium thermometer is put in any side of this fish tank, an exact temperature will be shown clearly for you to read. Moreover, it is suitable for most environments of fish because its temperature ranges from – 50℃ to +70℃ (from – 58 °F to +158 °F).

Adjustable temperature

Many people are not used to measuring the temperature by F or C unit. To make it easy and convenient for all users, the VIVOSUN provides an adjustable temperature unit. You can switch to the right unit for you easily. Just press the button to change it.

Added features

When buying this aquarium thermometer, you will receive two suction cups and a cable. You use the suction cups by joining the link to the side of the tank and connecting the thermometer. If you own a big fish tank, this long cable helps you to make precise temperature estimations without any support. Moreover, it is waterproof so you can place it underwater for a long time.

Minus point: This aquarium thermometer often turns on while being delivered.

Top 2: Neptonion LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

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High accuracy and durability

The temperature of this aquarium thermometer ranges from -50 to +70 degrees celsius. You can measure the temperature accurately, within 0.1 degrees. Moreover, it is shown on an LCD screen which is easy and convenient to read the number. This product uses an LR44 battery to run, therefore, you do not need to change the battery often, saving much cost and effort.

Easy installation

Only 4 steps to finish the installation process! You will receive the guidelines after purchasing the product or you can search on its website. There are letters and images for you to understand clearly how easy it is. Remember to put the probe underwater to get better results.

Wide application

Do you think this thermometer is just for an aquarium? NO, you can apply it to any tanks in your house, from fish to insects such as a snake. Just stick it on the glass of the tank and let it do its responsibility. However, you should search about the difference between the right temperatures of each one to take care of it well.

Minus point: No remarkable downside was found.

Top 3: SUKRAGRAHA Traditional Stick-on Aquarium Thermometers

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B079JS9LW6″ ]

High accuracy

This product is reasonable for most conditions of fish since its temperature goes from 64 to 93 Degree F (18 to 34 Degree C). Moreover, the error number of this thermometer is small, just +/ – 1. Is it reliable for you? Whether or not the aquarium thermometer is placed on any side of this fish tank, a precise temperature will be shown unmistakably for you to peruse.

Easy installation

This type of thermometer is easy to install, even for the first time you use it. Simply strip off the tape and append it to the outside/surface of the aquarium. When you want to see the temperature of your aquarium, the result will be highlighted in different colors such as yellow, green, and blue.

Minus point: The temperature shown in this thermometer may be hard to read in dark areas. 

Top 4: LCR Hallcrest A-1005 Liquid Crystal Vertical Aquarium Thermometer

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B00ZZR1OW6″ ]

Easy installation

Just take off the tape and annex to the outside/surface of the aquarium. The installation process takes few minutes to complete, no matter you are an inexperienced or professional fish hobbyist. You do not need to ask for support when buying this thermometer.

High accuracy

This thermometer only seems to be 1 or 2 degrees slightly off. It measures the temperature well and is a supportive tool for you to take care well of your fish and plants. The numbers are shown in 3 colors and remember to check the green one carefully. It is the current temperature in the aquarium when the brown and blue are above and below 1 degree. 

Minus point: Many people complain that this aquarium thermometer does not work well for a long time.

Top 5: FREESEA Watt Aquarium Heater with Aquarium Submersible Thermometer

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B07STZ447W” ]

High accuracy

The temperature of this thermometer ranges from 63°F to 95°F. It is suitable to measure most fish’s environment. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature unit from F to C anytime you want by switching to different modes in the button. When you buy this product, the brand also gives you a free diving thermometer, in case this purchased thermometer has something wrong.

Smart feature

When water temperature compasses to determined temperature esteem, the radiator will naturally quit warming. On the other hand, when the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, warmer will consequently begin warming. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the time you are busy and can’t take care of your fish. This product also provides a security control that will turn on and off the heat to be suitable for different conditions.

Good customer service

The FREESEA brand notices much to customer experience during and after purchasing the product. It offers a 12-month warranty and 24 Hour After-sales Service. Therefore, if anything happens to your product, please call the hotline and you will receive support after few days. Or if you are not satisfied with the thermometer, this brand will give you another new one without problems.

Minus point: The temperature control knob of this thermometer is hard to turn.

Why should I buy an aquarium thermometer?

The improper temperature in the aquarium will affect the metabolism of plants and animals. The incorrect temperature can cause the following problems: stress disease for fish, death of stress for fish, decreased appetite of fish, which will decrease the immune system of aquarium fish. Besides, the temperature has an impact on aquatic plants, especially mosses, because they require very cool temperatures to grow, but there are some fish species that can’t withstand too hot or too cold temperatures. The hobbyists should have a clear understanding of that.

Most thermometers have two important components: a temperature sensor and a display of results (a scale on the thermometer). They are attached to the front of the aquarium by a sticky outer layer. As the temperature rises, you can see the light strip with different color levels. Thanks to this point, you can determine and adjust the right temperature for your fish and plants in the aquarium.

How can I choose the right aquarium thermometer for my tank?

Different types of aquarium thermometer may make some inexperienced be confused at the first time. The information below will help you understand the pros and cons of each kind:

  • Classic floating/suction cup thermometer: it is a good choice if you prefer something easy and simple to read the temperature. Moreover, its price is reasonable for you to buy, if you have many tanks in the house. On the other hand, this type of aquarium thermometer is not a long-lasting and durable product. It seems to be broken down in a short time. You also have to be careful when using it because it is a glass thermometer.
  • Digital thermometers: this one is widely used by most fish hobbyists due to its high accuracy feature. The precise temperature will be shown on the screen by numbers that are easy for you to determine. If you are not a cautious person, this product is right for you because it is durable and not broken after being dropped. On the other hand, its price is quite expensive and it requires you to change the battery often.
  • Stick-on/liquid crystal thermometer: actually the only advantage of this thermometer is the price. If you do not care much about the accuracy, you can choose this type. However, many people complain about the error temperature of the aquarium it brings. And it is hard to read due to the color and numbers.

Best Aquarium Thermometer FAQs:

What is the appropriate temperature for an aquarium?

The most suitable temperature for an aquarium is 25-28 degrees Celsius. Although aquarium fish can live in temperatures up to 30 degrees, maintaining too high temperatures often has negative effects on the health of fish.

If a high temperature of 30 degrees is maintained for 10 days, the fish will weaken the immune system, and are more susceptible to parasites. Their life expectancy also declines rapidly. They can only survive 30 to 60 days, or even less. There are studies that show that fish will die up to 90% when the temperature over 30 degrees and only 10% when the fish live below 15 degrees.

How many types of aquarium thermometer?

There are 3 types of aquarium thermometer: Stick On (LCD), Floating, and Digital thermometer. Each one has different designs and outstanding functions.

  • Stick On (LCD) thermometer: The very popular use of inexpensive thermometers! The temperature absorption of this thermometer is 20 times greater than that of the floating one, so elongation occurs quite clearly. It is often used to measure air and water temperatures. You can look at the temperature to measure the solution in red, green, or blue colors.
  • Floating thermometer: it is often placed inside the aquarium, therefore, you can determine the level of water more accurately. On the other hand, many people do not like the glass material since it is easily broken. 
  • Digital thermometer: it uses infrared rays to measure temperature. Temperatures are usually quite accurate compared to other types of information.  It is also easy to use and brings less damage due to impact.

Where should the thermometer strip be placed in the aquarium?

You can place the aquarium thermometer inside or outside the tank based on the type of it. However, remember to stick it in somewhere that is easy for you to read the temperature such as on the side, front, or back of the aquarium. This area should be cleaned before.  

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