Choose The Best Aquarium Stand For A Good View And A Stylish Tank

If choosing the right aquarium is the first step, then choosing the right aquarium stand will be the second step for finishing home décor for an aquarium corner in your house or your office. The right aquarium stand not only has to fit with the aquarium itself but it also has to give us the height for our expected view. Besides, it should be either stylish and durable to be worth our effort in setting up an aquarium. Standing from those points of view, look at the current market and seize out the best aquarium stand together.



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Top 6 Best Aquarium Stand For You To Consider

Top 1 best aquarium stand Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B088JTW3PQ” ]

There are 4 sizes for fitting 10-gallon, 20-gallon, 29-gallon, and 55-gallon tanks. All sizes have a height of 27.8”, which creates a good view when we are sitting at the table. The lengths and widths of other sizes are as follow: 20.9”x11” (for 10-gallon), 24.3”x12.5” (for 20-gallon), 30.3”x12.5” (for 29-gallon) and 48.3”x12.5” (for 55-gallon). Those sizes should fit nearly all the normal standard rectangular family tanks. Material: steel.


  • Classic & contemporary look: adding the classic curves to steel frames which have been powder-coated by a black and moisture-resistant finish creates both a classic and contemporary appearance for your aquarium style. 
  • Space-saving: the frame construction creates more space for putting the cords and some aquarium stuff on its shelf. The frames are also very easy to assemble. 
  • Budget-friendly: you only have to pay less than $90 for such a big stand for a 55-gallon tank, which should be a small part compared to the total cost of the aquarium.


  • It looks non-sturdy because of the frame construction. However, the holding capacity of the stand for a 10-gallon tank is 100 lbs. and for a 55-gallon tank is 550 lbs. Thus, adding some hard rocks to your aquarium should not cause any trouble.

Top 2 best aquarium stand Flipper Wildwood Aquarium Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B077F2T6GD” ]

Dimensions: 30”H x 27.5” W x 15.75” D, fitting a square 20-gallon tank. Material: laminated wood and metal accents.


  • Rustic style: anyone who is a fan of vintage will not miss this aquarium stand. The touch of rustic and chic style comes from the high-quality wood veneer with an undertone of brown and gray. The feel of a fairytale is the first impression when I saw this aquarium stand at the small house near the forest of my friend. 
  • Sturdy with big holding capacity: the stand is crafted from laminated particleboards and with black metal hardware accents, which creates sturdiness. The stand could hold a 20-gallon tank but could even withstand 250 lbs. Each internal shelf could hold up to 15lbs. 


  • The only trouble may come from the assembly which is not quite easy and requires at least two people to be involved because it is a rather heavy item (66.44 pounds).

Top 3 best aquarium stand Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B000QSN2XI” ]

Dimensions: 49.37’’L x 13.12’’W x 28.25’’D, fitting a 55-gallon rectangular tank. Material: wood and metal.


  • Sturdy: another product from Aquatic Fundamentals which is still using powder-coated technology to add moisture-resistant function for supporting the longevity of the product. Besides, each panel is locked together by the metal hardware, which supports the durability of the stand.
  • Versatile and contemporary: adding the solid top to make the stand suitable with more shapes of the tank and entirely support the tank. The black color of the powder-coated finish creates a contemporary look. Meanwhile, it is a stress-free aquarium stand because it is easy for one person to assemble.
  • Spacious: The double front-door design creates a huge space for you to put aquarium stuff like fish foods, cleaning tools, and other stuff as well.


  • This cabinet stand does not have shelves inside so you may have to create the partition by yourself if you want to separate things inside. 

Top 4 best aquarium stand Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B01N6M3F1G” ]

Dimensions: 30’’L x 29.5’’W x 12.5’’D, fitting up to 29-gallon tank. Material: solid wood.


  • Budget-friendly: I find less-than-$120 a very reasonable price for such a sturdy, made-of-solid wood cabinet stand. 
  • Sturdy: the stand is constructed of solid wood and all the holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly.
  • Adjustable shelf: the adjustable shelf inside the cabinet allows you to arrange your aquarium stuff up to your own expectation.


  • I myself do not like the rich espresso color of the stand and found it a bit old-fashioned. However, you could paint your color later to fit your taste and the furniture in your room.

Top 5 best aquarium stand Coralife Designer Biocube Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B01K0MK7YQ” ]

Dimensions: 21.5’’L x 20.5’’W x 29.5’’H. This size is suitable for the 32-gallon Biocube tank or other smaller square tank. Material: tinted acrylic panel.


  • Sturdy: designed with strong and broadened feet, the stand is very stable with a 32-gallon tank on it. The material is waterproof, so do not worry about dripping water harming it overtime. 
  • Nice looking & classy: the black brushed finish helps to hide any scratches and brings a nice, classy look for both the tank and the room holding it.
  • Big space for shelving: the internal dimension of the shelf is around 17 -3/4 inches wide by 17-1/2 inches long, which creates much space for other stuff.


  • I just only feel a bit pricey to invest such an amount of money for a medium tank – 29 or 32-gallon tank. 

Top 6 best aquarium stand: Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B00SZ5EQN4″ ]

Dimensions: 16.13’’L x 22.88’’W x 28.25’’D, fitting a 10-gallon tank on top and 5-gallon tank at the bottom. Material: metal and wood panel. 


  • Sturdy: the steel construction going with the broad bottom creates strength and durability. Besides, the powder-coated technology helps promote rust and moisture-resistant.
  • A customized stand: hardly could any design lift two aquariums in a stand, which brings your space a unique look and exciting view. 
  • Easy-to-assemble: the box comes with an installation instruction in 7 steps. This means you could quickly assemble this stand by yourself.


  • Some people complained that they got in trouble with some screw and they have to go to the store or re-drill the holes but I myself got no problem.

What to consider when choosing an aquarium stand?

Dimensions and holding capacity: The size and volume of the tank you are owning will decide the size of the stand. Each stand that is sold separately should have sizes and holding capacity recommended. Some of the stands are designed to mainly fit their produced aquarium, thus, consider this if you buy for the aquarium of a different brand. 

Style: The aquarium stand is eventually a kind of furniture. Thus, let it contribute to your room’s style. Rustic, classic or modern and contemporary, or both? Just imagine how to fit it in your overall space. 

Sturdiness: The aquarium may sometimes have trouble from water dripping or fish jumping. Consider the waterproof material or at least moisture-resistant. Unless you want to paint another color and use a kind of waterproof paint.

Budget: investing in an aquarium is never a short-time project. Thus, limiting yourself with the budget of the stand. There will be other aquarium stuff that could be considered overhead costs such as fish foods, filter cartridges, substrate, etc. However, the aquarium stand is a fixed cost and plays an important part to create a good view and contribute to your interior architecture style so a smart investment is to choose a good one that you will never have to regret.

Best Aquarium Stand FAQs

Which kind of aquarium stand should I choose according to Feng-shui?

As you should know, Feng-shui (Chinese: 風水) is Chinese geomancy, in which there are a lot of practices in architecture to utilize energy sources to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Choosing the right aquarium stand will help you to get the balance of 5 Feng-shui elements:

  • Water: The water in the aquarium
  • Wood: The plants in the aquarium or the wood part of the stand
  • Metal: It could be parts of the aquarium stand or the filter
  • Earth: Rocks or gravel and substrates inside the aquarium
  • Fire: The bright colors of the fish, as well as the aquarium lighting

Thus, generally, the aquarium stand will contribute two elements: metal and wood. This balance will help to attract good energy and help the owner get a healthy, balanced and wealthy life.

How to waterproof your wooden aquarium stand?

The aquarium stand is a kind of furniture that is very susceptible to water. Thus, if you already bought a wooden one and are worrying about cracking one day in the future, here is one of the wood waterproofing methodologies from for you. Among using oil, sealant, and stain, we would like to recommend you to use oil because it is the safest/easiest way of handling and suitable for a small surface like an aquarium stand (should apply to the wood panel on the top only).

Using oil for waterproofing your wood (8 steps):

  • Step 1: Decide which oil to use: linseed oil, walnut oil, or tung oil.
  • Step 2: Purchase the oil: remember to buy a big container, too much is always better than too little.
  • Step 3: Create a mixture: one part of oil plus one part of turpentine oil, and ½ part apple cider vinegar in a metal container. This mixture will create a more durable finish.
  • Step 4: Prepare the woods before applying the oil: use thick sandpaper to rub away any scrap and make the wood even.
  • Step 5: Prepare yourself with a mask and thick gloves, especially when handling with turpentine oil.
  • Step 6: Apply the first coat by pouring a small amount on the rag’s surface and rubbing it from the interior to the exterior. Should concentrate to get an even coat.
  • Step 7: Let the coat dry: wait about 30 minutes for the oil to go into the wood before using a clean cloth to remove any excessive oil. Leave the wood to cure for 24 hours.
  • Step 8: Apply two more coats with the same procedure and let it cure for several days before using.

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