Keep your tank crystal clear with these below best aquarium protein skimmers

What is an aquarium protein skimmer? Let’s take a minute to think about the ocean! You already know how waves crash and have you noticed sponges from time to time? This is similar to the way aquarium protein skimmer foaming machines work. Air is mixed with water and then dirty bubbles (foam) are washed ashore.

It is necessary to use an aquarium protein skimmer in your fish tank because it brings clean water every day. This article will give you much important information about the top 5 of the best aquarium protein skimmers and how to choose them efficiently for your fish!



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Top 5 best aquarium protein skimmers

Top 1: Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 Protein Skimmer

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High-quality material

The Bubble Magus brand uses durable thick acrylic material to produce protein skimmer products. It is an excellent choice because this material increases stability. Moreover, the needle wheel design is a plus point, as you experience the good bubble that is generated each time at a faster rate. They are what has caused so many people to rank high online.

Easy installation 

Setting up this model is quite easy compared to other existing products. The instructions are made to be easy to understand and follow so that you can complete them within 15 minutes. If you are a novice, it will probably take a long time as this is a newer model with more parts to assemble. The best part is that the manufacturer sends you the model with everything you need, so you don’t have to buy any additional tools to set it up.

Efficiency and productivity

This aquarium protein skimmer can serve your tank which is up to 140 gallons best, without any related issues. It works effectively on skimming and does not bring any noises. Also, this product does not throw bubbles or foam back into your tank after working, eliminating it all perfectly.

Minus point: this brand’s customer service is not good since you will not receive any answers from email or phone.

Top 2: Coralife Super Protein Skimmer with Pump

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Good design

The needle wheel aspiration system is used to design the Coralife protein skimmer products. This receives many supports and patents from experts around the world. Moreover, thanks to its shape, it does not bring any noise while working. You can place it anywhere you want without being annoyed by some rattling, buzzing, or whirring noise from your tank.

Easy installation and use

One of the outstanding points of this aquarium protein skimmer is easy installation. With clear, illustrated instructions you’ll be done with the setup process in no time. Even you are an inexperienced fish hobbyist, you still do not have any trouble working this machine. Everything is easy to assemble and unscrew.

High power

Most people would choose this model, as it is known to have the level of performance (from 65 to 220 gallons) many people desire today. Its exceptional performance allows you to easily remove organic compounds that can be dissolved in aquarium water. The model comes with a high-performance analyzer for foam. This means you no longer have to worry about bubble production.

Minus point: some users complain about its early retirement when some units die after 6 months.

Top 3: Instant Ocean SeaClone Protein Skimmer

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Efficiency and productivity

The created bubbles are important to help dissolve the organic waste in the aquarium water. You should be able to use this model for different aquariums as long as they have a maximum capacity of around 150 gallons. Its reliability ensures that you have a machine that works properly without having to fix it all the time. The most outstanding point of this product is its own Turbo-Venturi injector system – unique and special design of the company.

Easy installation and clean

As a HOB skimmer, it is easy to clean and install. This protein skimmer is known for a compact design. This is crucial so that you can fit it even in tight spaces. You no longer have to create extra room to handle the size of the model. When you need to clean the machine, just separate a few parts. 

Budget-friendly feature

Although this product provides high power and good design to the users, its price is reasonable. It can compete with other same protein skimmers easily since most people can afford this price. However, you will not regret the high-quality feature of the product. 

Minus point: its power is not suitable for large fish tanks. 

Top 4: Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang-on External Protein Skimmer

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Good design

If you prefer a small machine, the Macro Aqua M-50 protein skimmer is the best choice! It uses needle-wheel rotors. This is an ingenious design that increases exposure to water. It is suitable for a fish tank that is up to 60 gallons. You can hang it on the back of the water tank. 

High power

In contrast with the small design, its capacity may make you surprised. It gives a strong water flow of 238 GPH. Moreover, the capacity helps the product collect bubbles, makes the bubbles smooth, and is a stabilizing feature. Of course, the pinwheel pump also helps keep the water moving and produces the right amount of air.

Easy installation and clean

It’s pretty easy to use. When the container is full, all you need to do is simply remove the tank’s collection cup and dispose of the waste. And if you assemble the product at home, you will be happy to know that the model is quite simple to set up and start using. Remember to follow the installation instructions carefully.

Minus point: this protein skimmer may bring noise while working.

Top 5: AQUATICLIFE Internal Protein Skimmer

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High power

It produces an 8-watt needle-wheel impeller pump to remove waste and clean water effectively. Therefore, this aquarium protein skimmer successfully eliminates different toxins before they separate into intensifies which can be destructive to the aquarium occupants, conveying the most extreme protein assortment and exceptionally compelling natural waste evacuation.

Good design

The AQUATICLIFE protein skimmer is small, which is perfect if you do not have a lot of space in your fish tank. It mounts inside to fit in most back flood or filtration compartments. If you own a small or a mini-reef aquarium, this product will be an excellent choice!

Easy installation

You do not have to worry about how much time and effort you have to spend on installing this product. It is easy to assemble and clean since you can complete it within some minutes. The pull cups give mounting choices to the helpful situation, and the movable section fits standard aquarium outlines.

Minus point: this protein skimmer may bring noise while working.

Why should I buy the best aquarium protein skimmers?

An aquarium protein skimmer helps you save much time and effort when caring for your fish thanks to some benefits below. 

  • Waste issue: every day, when trying to maintain and feed your aquatic ecosystem, you unexpectedly contaminate the water with additives and even food residues. Moreover, most of your fish feed is not consumed by them, and these leftovers will be broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms in the tank. An aquarium protein skimmer will eliminate decomposing organic organisms before they have a chance to disintegrate and become a good source of food for harmful algae that are harmful to the aquarium.
  • Water change problem: it can remove up to 50% of organic compounds and pollutants in the water while maintaining a healthy water cycle while fewer water changes are required.
  • Air exchange: Protein skimmer promotes air metabolism: reduces the amount of phosphate in your aquarium; removing biological toxins from corals, algae, and invertebrates from water; reduces the accumulation of carbon dioxide in water, the pH level of the water can be maintained.

How can I choose the best aquarium protein skimmers for my fish tank?

Choosing a protein skimmer for your aquarium is an important decision. This can become more and more difficult to make if you are unaware of the features that the skimmer should have. Let’s consider the following factors before buying:

  • Aquarium size: The size of your aquarium determines what protein skimmer you need. So before you spend your money on a skimmer, ask yourself, how much aquarium space do you have for a skimmer? Some aquariums have a separate tank design that may hold your skimmer. If you don’t have one, you can choose to purchase either a barrel skimmer or a HOB skimmer.
  • Efficiency: Before using the Skimmer, evaluate its ability to filter dirt to determine if it can treat your aquarium. This will give you an idea of ​​how essential the pump is and without a powerful pump, you can still get a low-efficiency water purifier. You can go through the reviews of the people who have purchased to verify whether or not they are performing well or if they are satisfied with their product.
  • Design: Most aquarium owners prefer their filters to be out of sight. Therefore, they do not like to use the skimmer in the tank or the HOB.

FAQs about the best aquarium protein skimmers

How does a protein skimmer work?

The protein separator works by creating fine bubbles in the reaction chamber, importantly for the overall process. When organic waste attaches to the air bubbles in the reaction chamber, in a chemical process commonly known as adsorption, these bubbles then push the waste material onto the surface of the reaction chamber before it can be put into the collection cup. Depending on the number and size of the bubble, it can determine the type of effect you get with one unit.

How can I clean a protein skimmer?

We recommend at least every six months you take out the protein skimmer and clean it properly so it can continue to provide the best service. As part of the cleaning, the first thing would be to replace the air hose. 

Disassemble each part of the skimmer and then soak it in hot water for about an hour. Using a brush, scrub parts to remove any residue of organic matter. When done, rinse with plenty of water.

Why does my protein skimmer not foam?

Many things can lead to a skimmer that does not foam and not all of them mean it is damaged. It could be that the skimmer is too large for your aquarium for a reason. One more thing is that the skimmer is still in its breakthrough stage. Having a low biological load is another reason you’ll find that the skimmer doesn’t foam. Sometimes a little adjustment can cause the skimmer to start foaming again.

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