A simple guide for choosing best aquarium heaters for your water pets

Aquarium heaters are compulsory equipment for your fishes to be taken care of. No tropical fish should live in a fish tank without a proper heater, to ensure the best favorable environment and avoid the unexpected problems that may harm your adorable “little kids”. Today, I am happy to share with you the top five of the best aquarium heaters, which seem to be a bit redundant in the era of technological advancement, when all of you surely have access to constantly updated sources of information. However, I bet you will eventually find out what you cannot see anywhere else. Get started!



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Top 5 Best Aquarium Heaters For Your Fish Tank

Top 1: FREESEA Aquarium Heater Fish Tank 

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Plus points:

  • Temperature range: With the range of temperature just from 59 to 90F, that would be the perfect number for your fishes to adapt to.
  • Automatic functions: You are a fish lover, but I know you have loads of other work commitments to fulfill, how can you spend time just taking care of your pets, right? That is one of the primary culprits for the emergence of this product, which can automatically stop heating when there comes a specified temperature value and automatically commence heating right after the system senses that water temperature is lower than the usual standard.
  • Adjustable temperature: Nothing is more relaxing than having an aquarium with a different range of temperatures provided, which means you can easily adjust the temperature when needed.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: There is any discomfort with the provision of the product or some problems arising during a time of use, you can contact the customer service team and get your issues troubleshoot right after, even when it is a new replacement with no charge of additional fees.

Minus points:

  • For more than a month of working, the temperature can lose its control.

Top 2: VIVOSUN Aquarium Heater 

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Plus points:

  • Precise temperature control: Considering the best lamps, buyers have a specific principle of consuming; while considering the best fish tank heater, temperature control is always regarded as a priority. The best living environment for aquatic creatures is ensured to the highest level at any rate.
  • Safety guarantee: Occasionally, when purchasing some products related, consumers have no choice but to carefully take waterproof levels into account, making sure every material featuring explosion-proof and anti-corrosion engineering works best in their specific conditions. When it comes to this aquarium, no concern is needed more, as safety is mostly guaranteed with the aforementioned features.
  • Easy to set up: Installation is sometimes a nightmare to some elderly people or illiterate users of electronic household appliances, including me. However, I set up it effortlessly because of the clear and short introductions provided alongside. There are two types of installation that ensure the device is completely submerged underwater. That would be a plus point for the product to be considered.

Minus point:

  • The thermometer may be working and the heat indicator is on, but there probably is no heat, after a long time of use.

Top 3 : Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater

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Plus points:

  • Medium-aquarium compatible: When it comes to the size, this heater is perfectly compatible with 50-80 gallons aquariums which can be easily selected based on the attached size chart provided by the manufacturer.
  • Adjustable: The heater offers adjustable temperature so that users can modify it easily at small intervals. I think this would benefit you greatly if you have ever thought of a modern appliance for your aquarium. With the provision of a precise temperature dial from 68 to 89°F, you can expect to take control over the climate aquarium with a high proportion of accuracy.
  • Good warranty: You now no longer have to be concerned with the problems unexpectedly arising after delivery, as a good guarantee can solve every issue at no time. I once sent my product back and received a new one with ease.

Minus point:

  • Personally from my experience, the light comes on for about 10 seconds when it is placed in the tank but normally hasn’t come back on again since then.

Top 4: PULACO Small Aquarium Betta Heater

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Plus points:

  • Ideal heater: This product once submerged 100% into the water, can perform to the best of a heater in the fish tank. If you have an aquarium that normally has more than a 1-gallon tank, you are bound to pay for this, I bet, on account of its suitability.
  • Easy installation: Some customers are afraid of assembling separate products, but I guess this tank won’t disappoint you at all, as you can effortlessly install it quickly with either vertical or horizontal placement.
  • Good guarantee: First and foremost, please note that the product is produced based on a highly selected process of manufacturing, promised to give you a sense of pleasure. Nonetheless, you cannot look for a heater that is perfectly durable, occasionally in the light of improper usage that may affect your product. The brand, however, ensures to help you troubleshoot problems related to the manufacturing process as such.

Minus point:

  • After a couple of hours of use, you may see that the light has gone out. This happens once in a blue moon but still lowers your expectation as much.

Top 5: HITOP Adjustable Aquarium Heater

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Plus points:

  • Specific design: You love fishes, love something adorable but still handy enough to fit in your furniture? Here you are, with a 25W aquarium heater, designed specifically for small fish tanks, you can chill out with your hobbies without worries at all.
  • Safe for use: Glass can make or break an item, for sure. Nonetheless, for this heater, glass plays a key role to be safer than usual, make sure humans and your fishes are all protected well.
  •  Adjustable and easy to use: Too exhausted in view of work commitment and have no more time for taking care of your lovely fishes. Alright, me too. But this is your solution. Adjustable heater made for shutting off automatically when the temperature is hot enough. Now, you’re done dealing with the issue.
  • Accurate temperature control: When still at school, I was not born for Maths, I hated numbers and all of the related things, and of course, when I decided to have an aquarium, I was extremely afraid of precisely taking over control of the temperature there. When it comes to this state-of-the-art device, I no longer need to care much about that anymore.
  • Easy installation: What more can you expect for a heater? Last but not least, it serves you well from the beginning, which means it takes less time and effort than usual because of the quick and easy installation.

Minus point:

  • The thermometer of this brand sometimes irritates me as it works improperly.

Important factors to consider while buying the best aquarium heaters

How to choose the right aquarium heater:

You decide the vibe of the type of aquarium heater you choose and how many to use however there are many types and to pick the right one, it all depends:

  • Hang-on-tank: Hang-on heaters basically mount onto the tank rear with suction cups and/or a hook or other fastening device over the edge of the tank itself. They are partially submerged and have a tendency to be less effective than other types of heaters, but they can offer sufficient heating in smaller tanks. When it is used in big-sized tanks, it’s best to have more than 1 hang-on heater on opposite sides of the aquarium, for the best experience.
  • Submersible: Submersible heaters are fully submerged in the tank water and horizontally or vertically mount to the back of the tank. Typically, they are technically mounted near the substrate. Submersibles often provide more consistent and effective heating than hang-on heaters, especially with larger tanks than other types.
  • Heating cable: A heating cable generally is put under the gravel or substrate and connected to a control unit nearby. It may be useful for freshwater planted aquariums to remove dead spots around. Nevertheless, in the sense that you have to dig up the substrate if there calls for a replacement or repair, this type of heater wouldn’t be the best option for saltwater reef systems in your aquarium.

Best Aquarium Heaters FAQs:

What are some useful tips for use?

In larger tanks, or in circumstances where the room temperature is comparatively below the wanted water temperature, two heaters may be useful. Heaters should be installed at opposite ends of the aquarium to ensure even heating for the best heating provided. 

It is recommended to use multiple units with hang-on and submersible heaters at the same time. This gives us more even heat distribution and places less strain on the heaters as well. Additionally, if one of the heaters breaks down, the temperature may not all of a sudden drop too dangerously until you can get a new unit as a replacement. It’s also advised to buy an extra heater to keep on hand as a backup for the worst-case scenario.

The heater tube length is extremely essential when the heat rises. Mechanically speaking, the heater tube needs to match the height of your aquarium as much.

Check for heat sources and fluctuations in room temperature where the aquarium is placed carefully. Your tank can be located under an air vent or adjacent to non-concomitant heat sources making the temperature rise and fall alternatively.

Some aquarium heaters contain specific number settings for the thermostat control then you can set it to the go-to temperature. Other heaters have specific controls that fluctuate from low to high, without specific temperatures shown. The former ones are far easier for users but don’t forget to check to make sure that the heater setting is actually keeping the aquarium at the correct temperature as per speculation.

Where Should I Put My Aquarium Heater?

There are loads of kinds of aquarium heaters, but we’re going to talk about the most typical type – submersible heaters that operate fully underwater. The water current assists to spread the warmth from the heater over the rest of the tank, so ideally the heater should be put right adjacent to the filter output or pump for maximum flow as well. The installation of a thermometer in a corner opposite the heater probably makes sure the heat is reaching the other side of the tank properly.

Some heaters necessarily have to be positioned vertically all day long, while others can be placed horizontally. If possible, it is highly recommended that you should mount the heater at a 45-degree angle to get the best heat distribution. You can also conceal the heater by placing plants and decoration in front of it or hiding it in the sump in the case that you have one to use.

Why do we need a heater for the aquarium?

Because most aquarium fish on offer are tropical, an aquarium heater becomes necessary for many home aquariums. Unless you reside in a tropical area, an aquarium heater for your fish is something must-have. 

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