Best Angelfishes Food – Reviews & Buying Guide

With incredible shapes and colors, the angelfish is one of the most desirable marine aquarium fish. They swim like flying and look extremely impressive in aquariums that are attractive points to the hobbyists.

If you have already had some experience with keeping emperor fishes, it will be much easier to keep the angelfish type. However, if you are an inexperienced person, you should understand clearly their behavior and the way they eat to take care of your angelfishes better. Do not worry too much because we will recommend to you the top 5 best angelfish food that help you to gain enough needed information. 



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Top 5 best angelfish food for your need

Top 1: Northfin Food Community Formula

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  • High-quality ingredients: You are often concerned about the ingredients of the angelfish food since most of the products contain much protein but not vegetables? Let this thought go because now, you can buy Northfin Food for a balanced diet meal. This brand uses natural sources such as herring, whole sardine, and kelp, spirulina. They are the top choices of proteins and vegetables that should be on the list of the angelfish food. The product is recommended and certified in Canada, so you can make sure about the high-quality feature.
  • Nutrition: This angelfish food is suitable for all age ranges, from little angelfish to adult ones. It brings the best nutrients that help your fish to grow up and improve the healthy immune system. Remember to break into smaller pieces before feeding the little angelfish since its pellets are a bit big.


  • This angelfish food is the sinking pellets type.

Top 2: Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Fish Food

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  • High-quality ingredients: The ingredients included for Fluval Bug Bites Angelfish Food, are supplements since they are for the most part great nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and proteins. This brand takes nutrient sources from the entire salmon – an exceptional point, right? Hence, this food is wealthy in omega 3 and 6 that support the development and shade of your exotic fish rapidly and productively. You can ensure that there are no counterfeit tones and additives inside the fixings.
  • Nutrition: This angelfish food product is a well-balanced diet. It provides multiple nutrients that help your angelfish both grow up quickly and enhance the color glowingly. After a time feeding the fish, you can enjoy the beauty and attractive appearance of your angelfish. It is also a plus point to welcome your guests to your house.
  • Quality control: The Fluval brand divides the ingredients into some little clumps with its capability to full oversight and quality insurance. Likewise, it is mindful to pick natural sources like salmon to ensure newness and worth when offering to the clients.


  • This tropical fish food sinks fast after dropping into the water.

Top 3: Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food

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  • High-quality ingredients: Crude protein and nutrients are the primary ingredients in this current angelfish food. It is rich while containing 7 nutrients A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and eight amino acids required. Consequently, your angelfish will have the best nourishment in each meal. This item is from the USA.
  • Multifunctional feature: Taking care of the angelfish, yet this food is likewise accessible for some fish in new and saltwater like African Cichlids, Swordtails, Platies, or angelfish. It gives a high protein diet. Numerous sorts of researches and studies have shown that new and saltwater fish show dominating turn of events, advancement, enthusiastic lead, and lovely concealing when dealt with this food. It is convenient if you have many types of fish in an aquarium.
  • Color and breeding enhancing: Beta carotene in this item is quite possibly the main highlights that upgrade the angelfish tone. Their tone will be more brilliant, more amazing, and more appealing for specialists. It wins the focuses from the visitors who go to your home. Numerous surveys additionally suggest that it is useful for breeding. In more detail, this food improves egg creation and brooding rates, strengthens the regenerative cycles, fabricates the perseverance speeds of more young fish, and blends the hankering for fish.


  • This angelfish food brings much waste than other same products.  

Top 4: Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms

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  • High-quality ingredients: The Hikari brand uses tubifex worms as the main ingredient. At the point when they’re prepared for fish food, they’re squeezed into 3D squares after being freeze-dried. This product is an amazing alternative meal if your angelfish loves live worms. You do not need to be afraid of the diseases that worms may bring to your angelfish thanks to the high-quality technology producing this food.
  • Added features: The pieces in this food are small, therefore, you can feed all the angelfish in your aquarium, from the little to the adult ones. Moreover, you can try hand feeding. When the angelfish find out about what the worms are, they’ll regularly come to get them from your fingers as the shape begins to separate. The brand also provides nitrogen charging that reduces oxidation before opening.
  • Clean-water formula: The most remarkable purpose of the Hikari item is that it doesn’t cloud the water. Its plans incorporate small-scale handled, entrancing, high-protein fish feast as a middle fixing—making them unadulterated and absorbable with fewer colorants. This prompts to make cleaner water for proprietors to make the most of their fish swimming.


  • This angelfish food does not accompany the top cover, so you need to move it to another unfilled compartment that has a top whenever it’s opened.

Top 5: Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Spirulina Brine Shrimp Cubes

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  • High-quality ingredients: Adult brine shrimps and spirulina are the primary ingredients of this product. They are cut into small cubes such as the tubifex worm food introduced above, therefore, it is suitable for small angelfish also. It provides a balanced diet that has enough nutrients and vegetables for your angelfish.
  • Added features: This product brings one more outstanding feature that helps your angelfish avoid all the diseases related to stress due to the included vitamins. The brand additionally gives nitrogen charging that diminishes the oxidation before opening.
  • Clean-water formula: On the off chance that you utilize this item absolutely as the included rule, no issues are occurring like blurring the water. The Hiraki brand consistently attempts to comprehend the issues that clients frequently have, thusly, it refreshes the items that have an unmistakable water equation to be better. Fish can live in a perfect aquarium, although they eat countless fish food every day.


  • This fish food may dissolve in the aquarium after more than 5 minutes.

 What type of food that the angelfish can eat?

There are 3 types of main angelfish food: live food, frozen food, and flake food.

  • Live food: it will be the best meal for the angelfish since this food provides a lot of nutrients and vitamins from natural sources. The live worms or brine shrimps are one of the examples. They are attracted to your fish, increasing the appetite thanks to their smell and flavor. However, there is a drawback here. If you buy these materials from a disreputable store, they might have bacteria, parasites, or other organisms that cause harmful diseases to your angelfish.
  • Frozen food: to be honest, this type of food contains fewer nutrients than live food. On the other hand, it is more convenient when you can easily store it in the freezer or refrigerator each day after feeding the fish.
  • Flake food: most hobbyists choose flake food to feed their angelfish due to its affordable price and high-quality ingredients. You can’t judge the product by its price since flake food provides enough nutrients for its growth and strength. But make sure to check the first ingredient on the product’s list. Meat or protein will be better than scratches or wheat.

How can I feed my angelfish? 

Angelfish are omnivores. In the wild, they often eat insects, larvae, crustaceans, and even smaller fish.

To feed this fish, you have to provide a diet rich in protein and fiber, but not overfeeding plant materials or algae. They can eat frozen foods, raw foods, and also pellets. Specifically, you can feed the fish with frozen beef heart, worms, red worms, or small baitfish to nourish. If not, pellets in daily meals can bring enough nutrients for the angelfish to grow.

There are two things you should keep in mind when feeding the angelfish. Firstly, this is a gluttonous fish, so it should not be overfed, leading to bloating and death. Secondly, be careful when you feed your fish with worms, you can even eliminate them from the Elf’s diet. Many cases of angelfish have digestive problems when eating worms. It is safer to feed your fish some high-quality and hygienic foods. It is more important that you keep a balance about the amount of fiber and protein in your fish’s diet. Most fish feed manufacturers focus on only protein as their main ingredient and do not add fiber to pellets. You can feed the fish with lettuce and spinach to add fiber to the fish.

Best angelfish food FAQs: 

How often should I feed my angelfish?

It depends on the age of your angelfish. For example, if you own a little angelfish, you should feed it about 3-4 times per day. Besides the normal meal with a flake or frozen food, you should provide more proteins from live food to help it grow effectively and quickly. On the other hand, with an adult angelfish, 2-3 times a day is enough for its health and immune system. Do not forget to feed it more vegetables and proteins from other sources if you want your angelfish to have a beautiful appearance and healthy life. 

Do angelfish eat vegetables?

For grown-up angelfish, you should take care of in any event double a day. What’s more, to youthful angelfish, you should take care of eating 3 to 4 times each day. Additionally, when angelfishes are youthful you should take care of them more times each day. Also, as they grow up you should eliminate the taking care of. 

How long can an angelfish go without food?

You do not need to worry much about the frequency of feeding your angelfish. It can go as long as seven days without food. However, how long your angelfish will abandon food truly relies upon its size.  More modest angelfish may not get by without nourishment for seven days however a grown-up angelfish can undoubtedly abandon nourishment for as long as a week and significantly more.

What can I feed my angelfish if I ran out of food?

In some situations, when you run out of the angelfish food, you can take care of them with vegetables until you get legitimate fish nourishment for them. Some vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, or even cucumber are appropriate to your angelfish. Remember to boil the vegetables and then cut them down into small pieces. This point will reduce some related issues and bring a more balanced diet to your angelfish. Or you can use fruits or rice to be the alternative food. Probably the angelfish will not eat this food much at the first time, therefore, just feed them a small amount of food. 

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