Best Aquarium Plants Reduce Nitrates For Your Fish Tank

Best Aquarium Plants Reduce Nitrates

The great importance of nitrate in the aquarium is arguably less perceived by fish keepers than the effect of ammonia and others in general. Even though nitrate is not as directly toxic as ammonia, from time to time, high levels of nitrate detrimentally have a great impact on fish and the aquarium environment on the … Read more

Best Aquarium CO2 Diffusers – Reviews & Buying Guide

best aquarium co2 diffusers

Carbon dioxide is probably one of the most vital nutrients for the healthy growth of aquatic plants. Ideally, the aquarium gets supplied with carbon dioxide via a CO2 system and then the diffuser or atomizer plays an essential role in this process. Overwhelmed by the proliferation of advertisements makes you unable to figure out what … Read more

Can you find the best fish tank for goldfish?

best fish tank for goldfish

Goldfish is a smart omnivore who loves live plants and open space. This is the happy type of carp that has been raised in captivity in ponds or tanks or bowls nearly 2,000 years ago as a kind of ornamental fish. Goldfish also is considered a symbol of luck and fortune.  In the United States, … Read more

Best LED Lighting For Reef Tanks – Reviews & Buying Guide

best LED lighting for reef tank

Lighting is indispensable to anyone who aspires to fulfill their dream of having a successful reef aquarium. For the most part, the best LED lighting for reef tanks will provide your little fishes and highly-selected plants with the light needed to grow and flourish healthily. Nonetheless, there are a host of products being on offer … Read more