We offer quality marsh duck hunts on private marsh lease’s in the prime areas of the Hopedale, Reggio and Delacroix Marshes. You will not be taken to public land to hunt. These marshes are full of wintering ducks of all types both puddle and divers. The most common puddler species being: Gadwall(Grey Ducks), Blue and Green winged Teal, Shovelers, Widgeon, Pintail, Mottled or Black Duck and a few Mallards. The divers consist of mostly Scaup, Redhead, Buffle head, and the odd Canvasback.

We strive to make your hunt both successful and as easy for you as possible. We scout our leases regularly to stay where the ducks want to be. Hunting from Surface drive mud boats with pop up blinds allows us to move with the ducks and wind direction and water levels allowing us to set the blinds and decoy’s in optimal positions for a successful hunt. Hunting from these boat blinds also allow for a safe and comfortable hunt no waders necessary just rubber knee boats is all that is needed. All you need to bring is your gun and shells camo or dark clothing a hat and rain gear just in case.

We will set the decoys and blind and do the calling and most shots will be right in the decoy’s or over the blind and a trained retriever will fetch up the ducks. Basic safety rules and shooting zones will be explained before the first gun is loaded.
Our trained Labs will be on most hunts and fetch the ducks. If you have your own gun dog you can bring him or her on the hunt and I will leave mine at home at your request. Just note a unruly dog can ruin a hunt its up to you. But I know watching your own dog work on the birds you shoot is just or more enjoyable than the shooting itself.


Two ways to do it:
You can drive in that morning early or spend the night at the camp. Wake up and Hunt ducks in the morning and fish for speckled trout and redfish that afternoon the same day. Makes for a long day.
Or arrive the prior afternoon and fish for speckled trout and redfish than stay the night at our camp and wake up and hunt ducks the next morning. Whatever works best for you.

Rates: Teal Season
Sept 15-30,2012

$150.00 a gun , 2 per min.
Blast and Cast: Teal $350.00 per,2 Min.
Overnight Lodging: $50.00 per person

DUCK SEASON: Nov 10-Dec 2:
Dec 15-Jan 20

$200.00 per gun, 2 per Min
Blast and Cast: Duck $375.00 per, 2 min. .

Shotgun and nontoxic shells #2,3,4 shot
Camo clothing& hat, rubber boots, rain gear?
Hunting License, Federal Duck stamp.
Hip Stamp on line www.wlf.louisiana.gov or 1-888-765-2602


Call Now to book a hunt to remember!
Capt Gene Dugas 985-640-0569 or E mail captgenefishing@bellsouth.net