I was born in 1963 in New Orleans and started fishing as soon as I could hold a fishing rod at age 4. My father was an avid fisherman and would take me in the evening and weekends to wade the shallow shoreline of Lake Pontchatrain just a half block from our home. We would regularly catch stringers of trout and reds on shad rigs and sidewinder spoons.
I learned at an early age to be both persistent and patient, but most of all I learned how to read the water, weather and tidal movements that affect fish activity, movement and feeding patterns and how to catch them under all conditions.

As I grew older and got my own boat, I ventured out into the marshes of Hopedale and Delacroix. I learned the lakes and bayous a little more on each fishing or hunting adventure I took. Then venturing further out to Black Bay and Breton Sound to fish such legendary places as the Black Tanks, Battledore Reef, Stone Island and the numerous un-named islands and rigs. All the while increasing my knowledge and proficiency as a fisherman.

Because I took the time to learn where the fish would be at different times of the year and how to consistently catch them under different weather and water conditions. I would catch fish while others went home empty handed. We may have to run and gun to cover a lot of water and fish dozens of places but it is a technique I will use sometimes to bring fish into the boat on a tuff day.

I loved to take friends fishing with me and share my love of the outdoors and fishing skills with them and than watch the excitement on their face. Because I like to share my knowledge with people and see the excitement on their face I founded Rather Be Fishing Adventures, because who wouldn’t Rather Be Fishing.

After getting licensed by USCG and State of La, I started taking out fishing charters. Before I knew it I was steadily fishing with repeat customers on a regular basis. I soon found myself enjoy watching my customers catching fish as much as I do. I get great satisfaction from seeing my customers enjoy themselves and catching fish. That is why I guarantee fish and a good time.

Having fun while enjoying the great outdoors and catching fish in what will make your fishing adventure with me Capt. Gene Dugas one to tell your friends about. To be honest there simply is no better light tackle, Louisiana speckled trout and red fishing anywhere. So give me a call today and book your fishing trip and I will take you fish catching Louisiana style here in the Sportsman’s Paradise.

The Fishing:

My main targets are speckled trout and red fish, the most sought after saltwater game fish in Louisiana. You will catch species such as black drum, sheepshead, flounder and the occasional Jack Cravelle while on our adventure together. But the trout and reds are the fish we will be after. I will gladly target one over the other at your request.

Spring and summer will find us fishing the outer bays and lakes to Black Bay and Breton Sound at the numerous oilrigs, island and reefs, for rod bending specks and reds. This can be an exciting time when we fish the flocks of seagulls over schools of trout where you can catch trout in almost every cast and sometimes two at a time. When the conditions are right you will enjoy fishing with top water baits at the reefs and islands and getting explosive strikes from monster trout from 2 – 7 lbs. And I don’t want to fail to mention the bull reds 15-30 lbs that you can hook into at any time.

In the fall and winter the fish migrate back into the inland waters, where we will fish trout and reds with mostly lures. This is a great time of year because of the pleasant weather, where you can catch trout and reds in the same place. Mid fall we will target the specks and reds in the shallow lakes and grass flats. As the weather gets cold, we will fish the deep holes where the trout will be stacked up. An added bonus is viewing the abundant ducks, which fill the marsh at this time of year.